Choosing Home Roller Curtains

With the development of the decoration industry, the types of curtains continue to increase, with a wide range of functions. Various curtain materials and structures have their own unique functions.  Roller curtain, blind, zebra curtain slowly came to people’s view.

1. The number of layers is determined according to the space

Semi-private spaces such as the living room and study room can use a layer of curtains. Choose thin curtain cloth or thicker gauze, which can not only isolate the sunlight, but also easily grasp the outdoor situation. For purely private spaces such as the bedroom, it is best to choose double-layer curtains. , cannot easily see through and peep from the outside.

When choosing gauze curtains, the color should preferably be in the same color system as the curtains, without too much contrast to avoid dazzling. If the color of the curtain is very complicated, try to reflect some elements of the curtain on the gauze curtain; if the curtain itself is very elegant, you can directly choose white and other plain colors for the gauze curtain.

roller curtain

2. The fold depends on the situation

Although it is said that the folds of the curtains with many folds are more obvious when they are opened, and the decoration is stronger, but if you want to show the lightness of the curtains and avoid the bulkiness, you can choose the flat curtains without folds, and the price is more economical.

3. Non-essential accessories increase the overall price

There are many accessories for curtains, including tracks or curtain rods, hooks, curtain rings, and cloth belts. In addition, the hanging rings, hanging straps, tie balls, etc. are only for decoration, and there are too many accessories, which not only increases the price of the curtains, but also is inconvenient to take care of.

roller curtain

4. Natural materials of roller curtain are more environmentally friendly

Curtain fabrics made of natural materials are more environmentally friendly, so when buying curtains, pay attention to choosing products from larger manufacturers as much as possible to ensure quality. When buying, pay attention to the touch and look at the color. Good-quality cloth feels soft and smooth. When you hold it up to the light, you can see that the texture of the cloth is regular and fine. In addition, consumers can also check the labels of the fabrics. Fabrics with a high proportion of natural materials are relatively more environmentally friendly than pure fiber materials.

roller curtain

5. Simple and attractive style

Unless there is a need to change the curtains frequently and change the style of the room, in terms of long-term planning, it is recommended to choose a style with simpler colors and patterns that is durable.

roller curtain

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