Blackout curtain explanation coming!

Blackout roller blinds wood are installed on the basis of traditional curtains with opaque or thickened fabrics, so as to achieve the basic control of light and achieve the blackout effect. It can meet the basic requirements of some places.

Constituent structure of roller blinds wood:

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Fabric Name – Code:URB8201 – 8205

Composition: 100% Polyester with Acrylic coated

Specification: 100% Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999), UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996, Blackout Performance: UVA 99.95% | UVB 99.95

Width: 2.5m, 2.8m
Weight: 170 g/m² ± 5%
Thickness: 0.40mm ± 5%

Fabric Name – Code: URB03-01 ~ 03-30

Composition: 1 Ply Fiberglass, 3 Plies PVC

Specification: 100% Blackout (Complies to AS 2663.3.1999), UV Protection: Tested to AS/NZS 4399:1996, Blackout Performance: UVA 99.95% | UVB 99.95

Width: 1 Ply Fiberglass, 3 Plies PVC
Weight: 440 g/m² ±5 %
Thickness: 0.39 mm ±5 %
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Main feature of roller blinds wood:

Without side rails and enclosures, the roller blinds wood is a standard roller shutter form and is widely installed at a reasonable price. It is not suitable for places that require complete shading and wind, as it does not have rails and enclosures. Can be used in large Spaces with 200mm tube.

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Application field:

The product has been widely used in Shinkansen, luxury buses, various sports venues, office buildings, conference rooms, precision equipment plants, clean factories, modern homes and so on.

The four main categories that make up the structure:

Bead chain system:

With a labor-saving zipper structure, coupled with a unique guide groove technology, make you feel warm and comfortable. From general residential to shops, hotels, office buildings and so on are widely used.

Direct manual system:

Manual can stay in any position, so that you can operate freely. Suitable for home, office, high-speed train, high-end large bar and other small and medium-sized area shading/shading use.

Canopy System:

Self-tightening integrated structure, unique patented zipper guide groove technology ensures no deviation, especially suitable for sunshade, horizontal curtain or inclined surface. At the same time, it has strong sealing, and has incomparable advantages over other products in heat insulation, heat preservation and energy saving.

Electric system:

Everything is in your hands, you only need to click, you can control the smooth rise and fall of the sunshade, the unique patent zipper guide groove technology to ensure that it does not go wrong, especially suitable for sports venues, office buildings or high-end home shading/shading use.

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The vast majority of places for the blackout curtain requirements not only improve, the new blackout windproof curtain products simple and clean, natural environmental protection, energy saving beautiful, convenient and practical, wind and shock resistance, boundless seam can be fully blackout, the unique patent zipper rail groove technology to ensure that the arc curtain, perfect insect and mosquito proof and easy to clean.

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