3 quick tips to increase natural light in your home

Summer comes every year and with it the same question: what to do to give more natural light in very closed environments and not die of heat with the sun’s rays? Does the roller blinds screen fabric can block the heat? Here are some tips to increase luminosity.

We know that the more light the spaces seem, the more harmonics they are perceived, the better we feel and the better conditions are provided for those homes where there are indoor plants. We need more light every day to have more vitality and optimistic energy because it directly affects our mood and health. If it is what you want but you do not know how to increase the clarity in your house without knocking down walls, take note of these tips:

1 – Roller Blinds Screen Fabric to increase the luminosity

Roller Blinds Screen Fabric
Roller Blinds Screen Fabric

The first and main key to giving light in interior spaces is the roller blinds. In summer, the sunlight is not very welcome because it makes the environment very hot, so you must reach a middle point between light and heat. To begin with, you have to choose light, light fabrics, in shades of white, sand, or beige. For this, Roller Blinds Screen Fabric is ideal: they come in the widest range of colors and their texture has a micro-perforation that regulates the entry of light, allows visibility to the outside and ventilation, but without letting UV rays pass. del sol (to see the degree of micro-perforation most suitable for your environment click here). They adapt to any type of decoration and go in all environments. In addition, the screen fabric makes managing them and regulating the entrance of light to your liking super easy.

TIP: if you want a small window to reflect more light, paint the interior frames bright yellow.

2 – White and whiter

The idea is not that your house looks like a waiting room in a doctor’s office, but if the goal is to illuminate an environment, white is the only solution. Opt to paint the walls in very light tones in case white bores you. The furniture that is closest to the windows should also preferably be white to reflect the light, or at least not place the darkest in those areas. And to avoid monotony, play with very colorful or contrasting decorative objects.

3 – More mirrors and glass deco and Roller Blinds Screen Fabric

Roller Blinds Screen Fabric
3 quick tips to increase natural light in your home

Mirrors are like internal windows, they reflect the clarity and placing them near the windows is like duplicating them, they create new sources of natural light. It also works with glass ornaments, although to a lesser extent but enhances natural light. The glass, shiny objects, aluminum or steel deco (for those who like the industrial trend), lacquered or acrylic.

In summary, we can use Roller Blinds Screen Fabric + light color of the house + mirror glass to increase natural light in your home.

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