Roller blinds or pleated blinds?

Which rooms are better to use roller blinds, and when is it better to use pleated shutter? The fundamental difference between roller blinds and pleated blinds lies in the different fabrics. The fabric for roller blinds is flat and the fabric for pleated shutters is a pleat every 2 cm. Other differences are the type of assembly and the type of use. Roller blinds are always mounted on top of the sash and unfold downwards by gravity. The shading direction of the pleated shutter is always the same as that of the roller blind, and the amount of light is controlled by stretching the blades.

roller blinds or pleated shutters

Should you choose a roller blind or a pleated blind?

Install pleated shutters to cover and uncover glass from the top and bottom, maintaining any degree of window coverage. Thus, the pleats can cover the bottom of the window, the middle, the top of the window or the entire pane. The installation methods of roller blinds and pleated blinds are completely different. The roller blind has a flat structure with fabric wrapped around aluminum tubes. Pleated shutters feature a folded fabric, one part of which must always fit over the glass.


roller blinds or pleated shutters

Roller blinds or pleated shutters?

As for whether to choose roller blinds or pleated shutters, there is no clear answer yet. It depends on the type of space and how it is used. In some cases, it is worth adhering to the following criteria:

roller blinds or pleated shutters
  • Bathroom or kitchen – we recommend pleated shutters

    Children’s rooms – we recommend blackout blinds

    Bright rooms with high light intensity, where the light interferes with daily activities – we recommend pleated blinds

    Curtains are mostly needed at night for privacy – we recommend roller blinds

    Curtains are required throughout the day, for example the ground floor of a house – we recommend blinds

    The blinds are designed to complement the window trim of the drapes – we highly recommend the pleated shutters

roller blinds or pleated shutters

Everyone’s choices and preferences are different, and it mainly depends on the specific layout of your house. If you are still confused about whether to choose roller blinds or pleated blinds, please call our expert consultants. You can also leave a message in the following information column, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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