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What is Lelice yarn roller blinds fabric and roller blinds material?

Lelice is a modified polyester product. It is a new variety derived from Cai Lisi. It’s the popular roller blinds material. UNITEC Textile Decoration Co.,Ltd has been developing and manufacturing a vast range of wide width roller blinds fabric, professional roller blinds fabrics manufacturer China.

roller blinds material

It has the black-and-white color characteristics of “Cilidis”, which makes the dyed finished fabric more natural and soft. not blunt, creating a more natural imitation wool, imitation linen effect.

Lelice, which has the characteristics of fat thin silk and white silk, is based on floating deep section and floating white section.

roller blinds material

This type of product is used for high twist, ammonia, mess, or interweave with Yangxie. , Or full version, all have high-level casual, lively, level feeling. For the yarns used in the market, the “Yangdi compound Lelice” can also be used. It can be interlaced with the yang silk yarn and can be dyed after the reduction (usually at 13% to 15%) to obtain the tactile sensation and visual imitation. The effect of wool.

It is made from a combination of semi-extinction, bright light, cationic single-stranded, multi-stranded or semi-extinction, and large light and cations.

Characteristics: After dyeing, there are white knots, deep knots, and white knots that are different in length and depth.

roller blinds fabrics manufacturer China SINCE 2002


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    Roller blinds are the most popular window covering on the market and with a vast selection of fabric colours, designer bottom rails and hard wearing 100% polyester fabrics available they look fantastic in any room.

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