Common faults and maintenance methods of roller blinds

The maintenance of roller blinds requires certain skills and methods. If the method is wrong, it is easy to make mistakes.

Type 1: The roller blinds cannot be pulled

Cause: The spring catch in the roller blind lifter is faulty.
Solution: Replace the spring head. The price of head making is generally not expensive, about 5 yuan for small ones, and no more than 15 yuan for large ones.

roller blinds maintenance

Type 2: Roller curtain pull bead broken

Reason: The gear has been damaged

(1) remove the gear and replace it with a pull wire
(2) If the pull wire is stuck in the gap, Yingzi will clip it out. If it is a plastic zipper, you can use all-purpose glue to stick a layer of plastic film.

How to repair the broken curtain

The price of curtain repair generally ranges from tens of dollars, you can find a familiar curtain shop

Look for manufacturers to buy accessories, and follow their installation instructions to install them yourself. The production mechanism of each manufacturer is different. It is best to show the size and photos of the gold coil tube. Manufacturers with these data can recommend suitable mechanisms.

roller blinds maintenance

After the roller blind fabric is treated with resin, it is rolled into a drum, and it is lifted and lowered by a pull rope or a chain.

The control part of the traction roller blind is a mechanical principle, which can control the driven shaft to move by the traction spring torsion under the action of the traction roller blind. 

It must be within the load range of the coil tube to ensure that the curtain does not slide down due to its own weight. Manually operate the bead transmission part, and the curtain will rise and fall, and the movement is stable.

roller blinds maintenance

Friendly reminder of roller blinds maintenance

If the roller blinds are broken, it will usually be repaired by a curtain seller, which costs only a few dozen yuan. You can directly ask the curtain repairer to bring the spare parts that need to be replaced, but the cost of spare parts is not included in the maintenance cost. In addition, you can also buy spare parts by yourself, and then ask the master to repair them.

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