Cool roller blinds in a boy’s room

What little boy doesn’t want a cool room that fits his personality? Beautiful roller blinds in a boy’s room are of course essential. Installing roller blinds from your son’s fantasies will not only cheer him up but help him fulfill his own fantasies.

Sturdy roller blinds in a boy’s room

Probably every mom and dad has been there, transforming a baby room into a cool boy’s room. Someday your son will no longer fit in his crib. When that moment comes, many parents choose to give their bedroom a makeover. When furnishing a cool boy’s room, don’t just focus on the right colors, furniture, and accessories. Also consider practical issues such as roller blinds in a boy’s room.

roller blinds in a boy’s room

Examples of roller blinds in a boy's room

A dark and cool bedroom is essential for your little boy to get a good night’s sleep, and roller blinds in a boy’s room are necessity. Most parents opt for blackout roller blinds so light, and sunlight don’t see through. UNITEC is a company specializing in the production of roller blinds. You can choose from a wide range of different colors and prints, so you can always choose the right roller blind that goes well with the rest of the room.

Most sold colors roller blinds in a boy's room

  • Did your son give you a quest to turn his room into a cool knight room? Or a football fan style room full of personality? Do you know how to furnish your son’s room? If you don’t know which color to choose, here are some of the most popular colors for roller blinds for a boys’ rooms:

1. White

  • White is a color that is suitable for any room, because it is a neutral color and can be combined well with other colors. A white roller blind also reflects the sunlight, reflecting the heat in the summer.

2. Bule

Blue is such a cool boyish color that almost every boy loves it. Choose light blue or dark blue for roller shades for a clean and crisp effect.

3. Grey

  • Just like white, gray is a neutral color that combines well with other colors. A gray roller blind is especially nice in a knight’s room, but also looks very good in a teenage room.

4. Red

Red is an eye-catching color that can create a warm atmosphere. This is a color that is often seen in the football world, so if your son is a football fan, it is best to choose the color of the roller shade to complement his poster.

roller blinds in a boy’s room

5. Green

Green is a tough and vibrant color, especially army green, which is also very popular with teenagers. Green is best matched with bright colors, and the room will appear livelier. 

In conclusion

If you don’t want to try to paint the walls of this color, don’t worry, you can choose to buy roller blinds of this color. You can get advice and order from our roller blind experts, and you will receive your roller blinds down to the millimeter. Once you receive it, you can easily assemble the roller blind by installing the brackets on the wall or ceiling. 

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