Why choose roller blinds for the bathroom?

The type of room affects the choice of window treatments. Some rooms have additional specifications for window treatments. Are you looking for the right roller blinds for your bathroom? This can be challenging. One downside of a bathroom window is that you can often see outside through it. You want privacy in your bathroom, which is why bathroom roller blinds are the best solution.

Which roller blind is suitable for the bathroom?

If your bathroom has a window, you’ll want to hang something in front of it for privacy. Unfortunately, not all forms of window treatments are suitable for bathrooms. This has to do with the effect of moisture on certain materials. Custom roller blinds are suitable for hanging in wet rooms. Then you should choose special roller blinds for the bathroom. It is best to choose a plastic chain for operation, as it will not rust.

roller blinds for the bathroom

Which fabrics are suitable for bathroom roller blinds?

1. blackout fabric

Blackout fabric means the fabric doesn’t let light through, it can make a room darker. Also, blackout roller blinds are suitable for bathrooms.

2. Moisture-proof fabric

  • It means that the fabric is moisture-proof. Moisture-resistant roller blinds are specially designed for hanging in the bathroom. Moisture-resistant roller blinds are blackout and therefore do not let light through.

roller blinds for the bathroom

3. Insulating fabric

  • Insulating fabric means that the fabric has an insulating effect. Insulated roller blinds ensure that heat is lost through the window at a slower rate and that heat is less likely to enter the room when the sun shines on the roller blinds. Insulated roller blinds are made of blackout fabric and are therefore suitable for use in bathrooms.

What should be paid attention to when assembling bathroom roller blinds?

  • Not all window treatments are suitable for bathrooms. For example, certain components will rust from moisture, certain materials will quickly mold and mildew, and other window treatments will not provide the necessary privacy. Therefore, when making your choice, consider the following factors:

1. Moisture-proof

2. High privacy = shading or translucence

3. Can you drill holes in your bathroom? If not, it is recommended that you choose roller blinds that do not require drilling.

4. Choose a plastic chain (metal will rust)

General tip: Make sure the bathroom has adequate ventilation so everything has time to dry.

roller blinds for the bathroom

Roller blinds for tilt and turn windows

  • Tilt and turn windows are commonly installed in bathrooms. It is a window that can be fully opened and placed at an angle. Roller blinds are suitable for hanging in front of tilt and turn windows and can be done by:


1. Installing Roller Blinds on Wooden Tilt and Turn Windows

2. Install roller blinds on the ceiling of the window frame (only if there is enough space above the window)

3. Install roller blinds on the wall above/beside the window frame

4. Install roller blinds on the ceiling

What color roller blinds should I choose for the bathroom?

When you think of bathroom color, you probably think about the color of the tub, toilet, and wall tiles. You can create a super stylish bathroom without worrying about getting bored in no time. It just depends on the colors you choose and how you use them stylishly.

Do you love color but don’t want it to be too bright? You can then adjust your window decorations accordingly by choosing a pop of color for your roller blinds. Then use a neutral, basic color such as white, concrete gray or black for the rest of the bathroom. The hues you add later won’t dominate. Isn’t it colorful enough for you?

  • Prefer to play it safe? You can choose roller blinds with basic shades and only use some color in the details. Examples include accessories, towels, and possibly window decorations.

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