Sweet roller blinds for a girl’s room

From an early age, girls usually have a strong preference for their favorite color. Most girls choose pink, but purple, red, yellow, and blue are also very popular. Once your daughter has a favorite color, everything should be in that color. They would prefer to have their entire room in that color, and you can achieve this in two ways: by painting the walls in that color or by taking furniture, a duvet cover, and accessories in the favorite color. You can also buy roller blinds in her favorite color, which is easier and convenient than painting a wall.

Roller blinds for girl's room

The roller blinds for girl’s room are very important, the most important thing is the barrier of light and heat. Blackout roller blinds are great for bedrooms because they don’t allow light to pass through and the coating on the back of the blinds has an insulating effect. This means roller blinds block heat in summer and keep it inside in winter. Roller blinds are easy to operate and don’t take up much space, plus you have a variety of colors to choose from, so there are beautiful roller blinds for every girl

roller blinds for girl’s room

Examples roller blinds for girl’s room

Below you will find an overview of the most popular roller blinds for girl’s bedroom, the colors are not very surprising, but you might get some inspiration.

1. A pink roller blind

  • It’s no surprise that pink roller blinds are the most popular for girls’ rooms, this pink color won’t be too harsh, thus giving a lovely and sweet effect. This colorful roller blind is perfect for young girls and for teens. Pink roller blinds for girl’s room would look great with a matching duvet cover. For a calming effect, you’d better combine this color with white and some subtle pastels.
roller blinds for girl’s room

2. A light blue roller blind

  • Surprisingly, girls also really like blue, this light color roller blinds for girl’s room can make the room look bigger, the color is also very eye-catching and can be paired well with dark blue, but also with lighter colors such as gray and white. Light blue roller blinds are suitable for nurseries and teenage rooms.

3. A lilac roller blind

  • This lavender roller shade is a little brighter and can instantly create a cheerful mood in a room. Every girl loves lavender, and this color can be paired with other shades of purple and will look great with pastel pink accessories too.

4. A red roller blind

Red is a beautiful, cheerful color that brings a lot of vibes. If red is your daughter’s favorite color and you think red walls are a little too crazy, opt for red roller blinds, which look best in a white room with other red accessories.

5. A bright pink roller blind

  • We officially call this color magenta, and it’s a bold, bright pink. This is especially nice when you choose to paint the walls white and the furniture pink. This bright color really completes the interior of a girl’s room. This color is especially favored by girls.

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