Roller blinds for cafes and restaurants - important nuances

Roller blinds offer many benefits. No wonder why they are in such great demand in the design of cafes and restaurants. Any catering company can choose from us roller blinds in accordance with the overall style and design.


Good roller blinds for cafes and restaurants and other public spaces should have several useful properties. Among them are wear resistance, fire safety, ease of maintenance and hygiene.

Let's find out what options the modern curtain market offers, and which one is better to choose.

Depending on the material used, all curtains are divided into 3 types:

Bamboo decorative.

Plastic or PVC.

Classic fabrics.

roller blinds for cafes and restaurants

What roller blinds for a cafes and restaurants are the best?

Of course, in medical and educational institutions, banks and offices, PVC curtains are most often used. This is a classic that has stood the test of time – comfortable, practical, and affordable.

When it comes to bars and restaurants, the choice falls on bamboo or fabric curtains. Everything will depend on the style in which the interior of your institution is designed. For example, some roller blinds for cafes and restaurants are bought for a modest student cafe, and completely different ones for a luxurious restaurant.

Thanks to a huge range of colors and textures, you can easily choose fabric roller blinds for any establishment. Almost any style (from modest minimalism to sophisticated art deco) in restaurants, cinemas, casinos, offices, and exhibitions will help create roller blinds for cafes and restaurants.

  • By the way, styles such as Loft, Futurism, Constructivism, Techno and Art Deco, Fusion prove themselves at their best in trade and catering establishments.

roller blinds for cafes and restaurants

Sun protection is also important

  • All roller blinds for cafes and restaurants are available in total blackout and anti-glare types. Curtains with anti-glare protection are a good option if your restaurant is also open during the day. They let in soft light, diffuse it, and leave no glare behind.

When a public institution is open in the evening, a reasonable solution would be to install curtains that do not allow light to pass through at all. This will allow you to create an amazing, magical night effect.

  • We will not dwell on the features of installing curtains, since we have already considered this issue in previous articles. We only note that the installation of roller blinds for cafes and restaurants is quite simple. It takes a little time, and in some cases, you can do it yourself.

Form of roller blinds

Another reason why the owners of clubs, cafes and restaurants buy rolled types of curtains is the variety of forms. On sale you can find curtains:

Classic – standard size in the shape of a rectangle.



In the shape of a triangle.

roller blinds for cafes and restaurants
  • Thus, even if your window openings have a non-standard size, in our online store you can find suitable roller blinds for cafes and restaurants. They will favorably emphasize the environment and significantly improve the perception of the institution.

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