How to clean roller blinds blackout?

Roller blinds is the most practical way to obtain darkening in the different environments of the home, Roller blinds blackout fabric effectively block the passage of light and UV rays. They are mainly used in bedrooms, TV rooms, and also in workspaces that need to obtain darkness. so, How to clean roller blinds blackout?

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Tips for clean roller blinds:

To remove the dust from your roller blinds blackout, you must do it with a duster that is clean, making gentle and delicate movements so that the dust does not spread around the place. You can use a vacuum cleaner that necessarily has a soft nozzle using a circular brush; This is key since other types of nozzles can generate tears or folds that will make your roller blinds blackout fabric look bad.

You must bear in mind that when cleaning your roller blinds blackout, you should NOT use solvents or chemical and abrasive solutions since the damages for this type of product will not be covered by the guarantee.

If you wish to perform a deep cleaning, it should be carried out only with ultrasound technology. The recommendation, in this case, is that you do not immerse the rail in any solution and that the cleaning is only on the curtain fabric. This must be carried out by experts who guarantee the optimal delivery of your roller blinds.

If your roller blinds blackout fabric that cannot be washed, you can cool them in specific places.

Start by removing roller blinds blackout fabric and vacuuming them as described above to remove as much dust, dirt and cobwebs as you can.

Mix a solution of warm water and soap powder or soap flakes to use as a cleaning agent. Alternatively, liquid detergent can be used since it is very mild. Always test a small and poorly visible area on the blind to make sure the color does not change with this procedure. Let it dry completely so you can be sure that the fabric will not wrinkle or shrink before addressing a larger and more obvious area.

Use a soft sponge or toothbrush to gently clean the most obvious dirty areas. It is possible to clean the entire blinds, but you should do it little by little taking care not to wet the fabric too much.

Rinse the soap thoroughly with warm, clean water.

As before, place the blinds floor in a warm place to dry.

We have a catalog of fabrics that will surprise you. Consult our sales department, who will give you advice on the best roller blinds blackout fabric option for your home.



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