UNITEC Roller Blind Fabric

Now the roller blind fabric has been completely revamped, adding many new designs and retaining the tried and tested characteristics.

Our roller blinds come in a variety of different high-quality fabrics. On our online shop pages, you can first choose between different systems and technologies, determine the type of installation, and finally choose individual sizes and fabrics. In the configurator, the main differences between roller blind fabrics are the following properties:

roller blind fabric

Transparent blind fabric

Although sheer roller shade fabrics do not provide privacy, they look very aesthetically pleasing. In this way, you can give your windows a new look while beautifying your living environment.

Translucent Roller Blind Fabric

The translucent roller blind fabric provides privacy but still allows light to filter into the room. Roller blind fabrics have the most choices as these fabrics are very popular. The combination of efficient privacy protection and decorative features is very welcome.

roller blind fabric

Semi-transparent reflective blind fabric

  • The translucent roller blind fabric with white/silver reflective coating also has a thermal effect. They are slightly denser but still allow light to filter through the fabric. These fabrics are also suitable for workstations, or as efficient thermal protection for windows, ensuring a pleasant indoor climate in summer.

roller blind fabric

Dark fabric

  • Dark roller blind fabrics (also known as opaque fabrics) will darken the living room slightly, allowing only a little light to filter through the roller shade fabric. These fabrics are perfect if darkening is not required, for example, in bedrooms or guest rooms.

roller blind fabric

Dimmers with reflective coating

As already mentioned above, dark fabrics (also known as opaque fabrics) will slightly darken the living space and allow only a small amount of light to pass through the roller blind fabric. These fabrics have a silver coating on the back that either reflects or emits the sun’s rays, thus providing effective sun protection. Therefore, the living space will not be too hot in summer.

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