Repair of Wood Shutters

Roller shutters can be a great investment for adding a little more rusticity to your home. There are so many great woods to choose from, you’ll be amazed how easy they are to install. However, as with all items in your home, it’s also important to know how to maintain your shutters when they’re cracked, damaged, or malfunctioning. Hiring a professional repairman to fix the problem every time can be very expensive, which is why we decided to put together a simple guide to help you repair your wooden shutters.

Rotten wood shutters

Rot is a common problem caused by fungi that rot wood. This fungus likes moist environments and can spread quickly if left untreated.

Wood scraps can show up anywhere moisture is present, such as bathrooms or even kitchens. If not repaired quickly, they can easily go through your shutters and render them useless.

If you deal with the problem quickly, the fungus doesn’t have time to spread and you can avoid a costly disaster.

repair of wood shutters

The best solution is to remove the damaged wood. Once it starts to rot there is no way to save it, the only thing you can do is replace the part where the bolt is damaged.

Use a chisel or even a screwdriver to cut through, making sure all rot is completely removed. Once you’re done, you can use body autofill to fill in the blanks.

As you can imagine, when you catch rot early, it’s a lot easier to strip because it hasn’t spread as much. You can also use special treatments to help prevent wood rot.

Remove the roller blind

  • Even when the shutters are properly installed by a professional service person, wood shutters will eventually wear out and become unsightly. This is a fairly common problem and is not a sign of poor quality or poor installation work.


However, it may look unsightly and appear as if the work was not done correctly. Not only will it look out of place, but it will also let in the cold outside and may reduce the amount of light in your home, depending on how you remove the baffle.

repair of wood shutters
  • The best solution is to simply fix it yourself. It’s held in place by pins on the shutter, which are usually small, spring-loaded plastic parts. You can use a flathead screwdriver to hold the pins firmly in place when you push the shutter back.

If the pin itself is missing, then it most likely fell somewhere on the floor.

  • It’s a simple replacement job that anyone with a little DIY knowledge can easily do. This is a quick fix that you can fix yourself as soon as you find the bug or are able to find a replacement.


Auto lock

  • This is not a problem if you have sturdy shutters. However, if you have shutters on your blinds, you may feel them closing automatically. This is usually due to electrical grid tension and is easily fixable on your own without a professional.

This problem often occurs due to the weight of the bolt tilt rod and gravity pulling the shutter down. The shutters need to be tilted and closed, which is why they close automatically. A set of tension screws are used to prevent the shutter from opening and allow for easy adjustment if the shutter remains closed automatically.


  • Solving this problem is simple. Just grab a screwdriver and use it to tighten the tension screws. They are located on the outside of the shutter panels. After tightening the screws, the shutter should no longer automatically close, but stay open.


Here’s another easy fix for a common problem. No need for an expert, all you need is a simple screwdriver.


repair of wood shutters

Noisy shutters

Another common problem with blinds is rattling. If your blinds are making a loud rustling noise, the first thing to look at is the magnets. Small magnets are mounted in the frame to keep the entire blind from moving too much. However, they are often encased in plastic and can loosen over time.


The fix is simple; you can replace the magnet frame. You’ll need to buy a replacement (you can usually find it at a hardware store, or contact a professional maintenance personnel who will help you install your blinds), then use a screwdriver to remove the old magnet frame and replace it with a new one.


  • This should prevent the shutter from rattling again. If they continue to rattle, then you may want to double check that the magnet housing is tight.

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