What are the accessories for curtain roller blinds?

What are the accessories for remote blinds? Does anyone know where Penglai sells roller blinds, and what is the general price? 

1.Curtain accessories one: curtain rod

The curtain rod is an important part of the curtain accessories. The main function of the curtain rod is to hang the curtain and weigh it. Generally, curtain rods are mainly divided into wooden curtain rods, metal curtain rods and aluminum alloy curtain rods. 

When choosing curtain rods, it is best to match the overall style of the curtains. For example, pastoral-style floral curtains are generally matched with wooden curtain rods to create a rural and leisurely atmosphere.

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2.Curtain accessories two: curtain slides

The so-called curtain slides mainly refer to the ones installed on the top of the curtains that mainly play a weighing role. Generally, the slides of curtains are divided into dark rails and bright rails. The more popular ones now are mainly Ming rails, which are simple and fashionable. Generally, European retro curtains use more dark rails.

3. Curtain accessories three: curtain hooks

When choosing a curtain hook, there are two points that need special attention. The first point is to choose a hook with better gravity. The second point is not to choose a curtain hook that is easy to rust. Generally, inferior curtain hooks have not passed special inspection Rust will appear in the process of treatment, which will cause the remote blinds cloth to be rusty, which will affect the appearance of the curtain.

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4.What are the main accessories of roller blinds?

Curtain design, special-shaped window-type curtains are our special concern, and different window types must be matched according to different spaces and fabrics and patterns. Therefore, making the best choice between curtains is not easy. In fact, the style, hanging, color and popular accessories of the curtains will change different decorative effects

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