Choose the right red curtains for your home

When you think of love, you immediately see the color red. After all, this color is associated with passion and desire. So, it’s no wonder it’s a much-chosen color for bedrooms! Red is also a suitable color for kitchens. Red stimulates the appetite. In addition, it is an active color. This also makes red very suitable for workplaces. Of course, red can also be used in other rooms. For example, in the living room. However, be careful with the use of red. Due to its powerful character, a multiplicity of red is quickly experienced as too intense. So don’t immediately paint all your walls red opt for red accents instead. Red blindsfor example! In this blog we help you choose the right red curtains for your interior!

Red curtains in every room

In principle, red curtains are suitable for any living space. However, this depends on the shade of red and the type of fabric. What exactly do we mean by that? We explain this per room below!

red curtains

Red curtains in the living room

When your curtains are red, you will notice that you get more energy. Ideal when your living room also functions as an office! Or as a sports spot! Red is also a very attractive color. This color radiates a lot of warmth. Red curtains are therefore ideal if you find your interior a bit too chilly. In the living room it is best to choose a transparent fabric. Red net curtains or in-betweens, for example. These offer the necessary privacy during the day, but still let in daylight. After all, you don’t want to be in the dark all day. Do you also need privacy in the evening? For example, because you live on a busy road? Then a combination of transparencies is a good idea. For example, choose red roman blinds in a thick fabric and red blinds in a translucent fabric. You then only use the roman blinds in the evening.

red curtains

red curtains in bedroom

  • Let’s not beat around the bush: we mostly associate red with love and lust. So, kicking things up with a splash of red in the bedroom is sure to do the trick! However, don’t get too excited. After all, first and foremost, bedrooms are for sleeping. Therefore, it is not recommended to paint all the walls red. Paint as little color as possible. Red curtains are the perfect middle ground! For an ultra-sexy look, look no further than red velvet curtains. This soft fabric looks sexy. In addition, red velvet curtains also have the effect of sound absorption. Ideal if you live on a busy road! In addition, the shading effect of curtains is also very important. But not all red blinds are standard blackout. The choice of fabric is very important. Shades of red are also important. In the bedroom, it is better to choose dark colors than bright ones. You’ll fall asleep faster when your curtains are wine red.

Each interior has red curtains

  • Red comes in many shades. For example, you can choose wine red curtains, or you can choose orange red curtains. Therefore, red curtains are suitable for many lifestyles. Do you like the bohemian lifestyle? Then brick or terracotta curtains are a perfect match. In a classic interior it is better to choose dark red curtains. Crimson also works well in chic hotel interiors.

Cheap red curtains 100% customized

Are you looking for cheap custom red curtains? Then you are in the right place! We ship directly from the factory. That’s why we offer curtains up to 40% cheaper than in store! Ordering is easy. Go to the fabric of your choice and click “Calculate Price”. Then enter the desired dimensions. To do this, please use our measuring instructions. You can also consult our professionals and make an appointment for measurement. After filling in the dimensions, choose the fabric color. Then you determine which type of pleats you want and how the curtains should be divided. Then you go to pay, and your drapes are put into production. This takes approximately 12 business days. When the time comes, we will deliver your prepared red curtains to your home.

Free color samples

  • Do you want to see the colors in real life first? Or are you holding the fabric in your hand? We understand! That’s why we offer free color samples. Typically, these samples are delivered within two business days. Of course, we also very much welcome you to visit our factory. Here you can find our complete product range in one stop: interior blinds, zebra blinds, curtains, roller blinds, window screens.

Do you still have questions about red curtains? Feel free to call or email! Our professional and enthusiastic staff will be happy to assist you.

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