Half-waist curtains how to match? Recommended dimming curtains for you

What is a half-waist window? How to match the rattan blinds ?

What are dimming curtains?

Rattan blinds are a popular style of curtains in recent years. It is a product extended from the concept of roller blinds. The curtains and window screens are woven together, and the front and rear covering panels and mesh veils can be adjusted by rolling up and down in a circular manner. 

rattan blinds

Overlapping each other to control the intensity of light, the appearance is extremely simple and elegant, and at the same time combined with the advantages of roller blinds for shading and wooden blinds for dimming, it has become one of the rattan blinds choices for many designers and tasters.

Dimming curtain cleaning method

The main material of the dimming curtain is polyester fiber, so it is not easy to get dust, and there are few dust mites, which is very good for cleaning. If there are members of the family with allergies, the dimming curtain will be a good choice. You can use a duster to remove dust during normal maintenance. If there are stains attached, use a neutral detergent or alcohol diluted with water, and then wipe gently with a sponge.

rattan blinds

Dimming curtain shading effect and privacy

The design of the dimming curtain is to fold the fabric surface into a circle, and there will be a vertical bar at the bottom. The middle of the double-layer fabric surface is not tightly fitted. Between the front and rear stripes, it is inevitable that refracted light will enter the room slightly. 

The problem of overflow. There is a large gap between the fixing bracket and the reel of the dimming curtain, and the light leakage near the window will also be obvious. If the dimming curtain is 100% shading products, plus the problem of overflow light, the overall indoor shading rate of 70%~80% remains . It is not recommended if your bed is near a window, as the direct sunlight will affect your sleep.

The price of dimming curtains

Since the dimming curtain is woven together with the curtain and the window screen, the fabric used is twice that of the roller blind, so the price is about twice that of the roller blind, and the weaving density, weight and surface dust resistance of the cloth surface The price of the better rattan blinds in the mite and anti-static area will be higher. If there are friends facing east or west in the room, it should be considered that the cheap dimming curtains are less resistant to sunlight and are prone to embrittlement.

rattan blinds

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