Three Tips for Choosing the Best PVC wood grain shutters

We are well aware that the concept of simple windows is out and fixtures are now an integral part of home decor. Obviously, this is not just an aesthetic function, as windows are also useful in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation, which can improve home comfort. Don’t forget that they are essential to provide greater security to the occupants. So, it goes without saying that the choice of windows and French windows is an important moment. For those who want to combine home comfort with aesthetics, we offer PVC wood grain shutters, these window frames are the most popular and best performing models. These models manage to offer the charm and warmth of wood, but without the typical constraints of this refined material.

PVC wood grain shutters

What is PVC wood grain shutters?

Speaking of PVC wood grain shutters, maybe not everyone knows what we are talking about, but the explanation is simple. From an aesthetic point of view, polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, can appear cold and necessary when used in doors and windows. Construction of fixtures. Therefore, those who prefer more classic window designs may not appreciate PVC in the context of their furniture. To meet the needs of such clients, a special film was designed to be applied to the PVC frame to give the visual effect of wood. A real coating that mimics the aesthetic qualities of wood itself without giving up the advantages of PVC.

PVC wood grain shutters

Why PVC wood grain shutters instead of wooden shutters?

While wood is undoubtedly a noble and fascinating material, it has important limitations when we talk about the construction of doors and windows. From the point of view of thermal and acoustic insulation, wood and PVC are practically equivalent, both able to guarantee an excellent resistance to outdoor temperatures, even extreme ones. The real weakness of wood is its maintenance. As a completely natural material, it goes without saying that it deteriorates quickly and requires special care and attention to keep it in top condition. That’s why we have maintenance free among the advantages of installing PVC wood grain shutters. Wood, on the other hand, is a more fragile material that requires constant and careful care, especially when the frame is exposed to sunlight and harsh weather. Therefore, PVC is a material that also has insulating properties and has stronger resistance to atmospheric media. In fact, it does not require maintenance, and it can be cleaned normally. To know how to choose the right PVC wood grain shutters, you can read our article for more information.

1.Aesthetics and Design of PVC wood grain shutters

  • As a piece of furniture that can truly beautify and complete your home, it is important to incorporate the aesthetics and design of your fixtures. The UNITEC coating range utilizes the latest technology to deliver ultra-realistic wood effects: not only aesthetically pleasing, but also pleasing to the touch thanks to tactile and tactile three-dimensional textures. It manages to perfectly follow the contours of the designed window, fully integrating with the window to create a uniquely styled window.

2. Quality of PVC wood grain shutters

It should be noted that not all films applied to window frames are of the same quality. Buying an inferior product has a major impact on the aesthetic level: not only in the frame, but also in the visual effect of the entire house. Therefore, it is best to choose a model with a good coating quality.

PVC wood grain shutters

3. The color of PVC wood grain shutters

  • When it comes to window frames, the color of the pattern is decisive in matching the window to the furniture. When it comes to upholstery, the advice is to avoid too much color and aim for more natural colors. This way the effect fits well with the rest of the decor and is of course more elegant.

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