The 5 biggest advantages of PVC Venetian blinds

Are you looking for a new modern window decoration? You must have thought of blinds in general, but have you also thought of PVC Venetian blinds? This variant may not be the best known, but it has many advantages over aluminum and wooden blinds.

Whether it’s its moisture resistance, its lightness or its wood grain, PVC is an attractive alternative. In this blog, we are going to list the top five advantages of PVC Venetian blinds for you.

1. They look like real wood thanks to the wood grain

Wooden blinds have recently become very popular. It’s no surprise because real wood can be an authentic and natural addition to your interior. However, when you pick up PVC Venetian blinds, you don’t have to sacrifice that real wood feel, because UNITEC’s PVC Venetian blinds come with a tangible wood grain.

PVC Venetian blinds

Combine this with a beautiful wood print and you’ll look like you’ve brought real wooden slats into your home, while enjoying the benefits of PVC.

2. Choose between a strap or a ladder cord

Another advantage of PVC Venetian blinds is that they can be adapted to your interior decoration as much as you wish. Besides the fact that you can choose the color of the blinds you want, with PVC blinds you can also choose how you want to connect the slats to each other. You then have the choice between a ladder band and a ladder cord.

A ladder cord connects the different slats with a thin and minimal cord. This is what you will see with most Venetian blinds. There is, however, a lesser-known option. A ladder strap connects the slats with a wide strip of fabric. It’s much more visible than a ladder cord and this strap is a decorative item, rather than just a practical item.

PVC Venetian blinds

3. Moisture proof

  • The wood look, ladder cords, and ladder straps are all benefits that affect the look and aesthetics of window trim. PVC blinds are very practical. One of the main factors is its resistance to humidity. This makes PVC shutters ideal for use in bathrooms or kitchens where wooden shutters are not suitable. You can also easily clean PVC blinds with a simple damp cloth.

4. PVC is cheaper than wood

  • UNITEC’s PVC Venetian blinds have a texture and wood grain that is very similar to solid wood shutters. However, one of the advantages of PVC compared to wood is that it is much cheaper. Not only is the purchase price lower, but you can save a lot of money in the long run. PVC lasts longer than wood and requires less maintenance. By justifying PVC, you’ll save money while keeping your product looking almost like new.

5. PVC is a lightweight material

  • The final advantage of PVC Venetian blinds that we will show you is the lightness of the material. This makes the blinds easy to use and install. When you order window decorations from UNITEC, you always receive a clear instruction booklet. You can totally install your own blinds. The procedure is simple, you don’t need a fitter, which saves you even more money.

Buy PVC Venetian blinds on UNITEC

PVC Venetian blinds have many advantages. They are moisture resistant, lightweight, and inexpensive. Best of all, they can make your room look more upscale because they appear to be using more luxurious materials like wood. In the UNITEC online store, you can find our wide range of products. Check out our wide range of products and get inspired.

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