PVC shutters: functional and aesthetically beautiful!

Until a few years ago the shutters were mainly made of wood as this material allowed to give aesthetics but also comfort from a thermal and acoustic point of view. Initially other solutions were considered, such as PVC shutters, exclusively for some low-budget projects as if on the one hand the PVC shutters were still functional, on the other they presented a huge deficit in terms of aesthetics. . In recent years, this gap has been enormously reduced up to today’s solutions that have excellent results both from a technical point of view and as regards aesthetics.

The different types of shutters on the market.

Currently on the market there are different types of shutters that differ not only for graphic design and functionality but also for the use of materials. Wooden shutters represent the most classic and traditional solution. They allow a remarkable aesthetic impact and ensure excellent acoustic insulation. At the same time, there is no shortage of inconveniences as wooden shutters require a lot of maintenance as they are sensitive to the harmful action of bad weather. However, if properly cared for, wooden shutters can last for decades.

Aluminum shutters are equally durable but much more resistant than bad weather. They can hardly be deformed and require less expensive maintenance than the wooden solution. However, it should be emphasized that the aesthetic result is undoubtedly lower even if in recent years the introduction of armored aluminum shutters on the market has been encountering some success, which allow greater feedback in terms of safety. PVC shutters have improved considerably, getting very close to the aesthetic performance of wood without however presenting those problems related to maintenance. Let’s find out more in detail.

PVC shutters

PVC shutters: advantages and costs

PVC shutters are enjoying great success in several respects and for numerous advantages. First of all, they are available on the market in different models such as folding shutters, roller shutters, sliding shutters, Genoese shutters and many others. This is possible because PVC is a material that lends itself to any type of interpretation. One of the most appreciated advantages of PVC shutters is the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation obtained thanks to an innovative construction technology, so much so that they are also part of the segment of solutions that allow access to the tax concessions made available by the government in energy efficiency theme.

 In addition, PVC shutters are particularly resistant to the harmful action of atmospheric agents, managing to optimally contrast both humidity and temperature changes. Among other things, they require little maintenance and above all the costs are extremely low compared to wooden and aluminum shutters, and not because they are of poor quality but simply because of the low cost of the raw material. The price is therefore a strong point of PVC shutters but as we have seen it is not the only one.

PVC shutters help regulate the light inside your home as well as protect you from prying eyes. Once closed they are optimal from the point of view of security against intrusion by thieves and thieves, but also very efficient in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation.

PVC shutters are not only useful, but also customizable from an aesthetic point of view. In fact, they can be found with different shapes, even arched or oblique, with or without Genoese flap, adaptable to the most varied contexts and walls of the house.

White, walnut, gray, chestnut: the choice of color is also very wide as well as that of the slats and panels. There is something for all tastes: open, closed, adjustable slats, blind panels, with square or diamond milling.

PVC shutters are certainly an excellent investment for your home.

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