There is a curtain called sunshine fabric curtain, what is the specific sunshine fabric?

Sunshine pull down shutter door fabric, the simplest explanation is that the fabric can only shade the sun, can not shade the light.

The main substrate of sunshine fabric:

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1. Polyester fiber:


polyester fiber A synthetic fiber derived from polyester polycondensation of organic dibasic acid and dibasic alcohol by spinning. Industrial mass production of polyester fiber is made from polyethylene terephthalate, the Chinese trade name polyester. It is the largest variety of synthetic fibers at present.

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pull down shutter door

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Composition: 100% Polyester with Acrylic coated(100% Free of PVC, Formaldehyde and Halogen to help reduce toxins in your environment)

Width: 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.5m, 2.8m, 3.0m
Weight: 330g/m² ± 5%
Thickness: 0.38 mm ± 5%

Fabric Name & Code: T-PVC URB03

Composition: 1 ply fiberglass, 3 ply PVC (25% Fiberglass, 75% PVC)

Width: 183cm, 200cm, 244cm, 250cm, 300cm, 89mm, 127mm
Weight: 460g/m2 ±10%
Thickness: 0.39mm±5%

pull down shutter door

The main substrate of sunshine fabric:​

2. Glass fiber: Glass fiber is an inorganic non-metallic material with excellent performance, made of glass balls or waste glass by high temperature melting, wire drawing and other processes. The advantages are insulation, heat resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength. Commonly used as reinforcement materials in composite materials, electrical insulation materials and thermal insulation materials. The diameter of glass fiber monofilaments is several microns to more than twenty microns, equivalent to 1/20-1/5 of a human hair, and each bundle of fiber filaments is composed of hundreds or even thousands of monofilaments.

3.Polymer composite PVC: polymer composite PVC is a polymer material and another different composition, different shapes, different properties of the material composite bond made of polyphase solid materials.

pull down shutter door

The main material of sunshine fabric:

The material of the fabric is mainly glass fiber polymer composite material and polyester fiber polymer composite material.

The sun fabric in the curtain is mainly used for pull down shutter door and zebra curtains.

The basic characteristics of sunshine fabric pull down shutter door:

1. Shading and heat insulation: filter glare, obtain natural light, improve visual comfort; Block the heat generated by solar radiation, effectively reduce the load of air conditioning.


2. Ventilation: Get excellent transparency, keep indoor and outdoor air smooth.


3. Good color fastness: it is not easy to fade, to ensure that the fabric maintains the primary color for a long time.


4. Easy to clean: It can be washed in clean water, recycled, clean and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of pull down shutter door:

The rolling curtain has many advantages such as beautiful and simple appearance, strong and durable structure, etc. The rolling curtain is suitable for a variety of places, such as business office buildings, hotels, restaurants, offices, homes (used as gauze curtains), especially for large area glass curtain wall. When the curtain fabric is down, it can make the indoor light soft, avoid the trouble of direct sunlight, and achieve a good sunshade effect. When the curtain rises, its volume is very small, so that it is not easy to be detected.

pull down shutter door

Roller blinds are the most commonly used form of office curtains, blinds and cloth curtains can be used as auxiliary office curtains for local use, and used with roller blinds, but it does not rule out the application of all blinds or cloth curtains. Above is our introduction to the curtain, details pay attention to our official website!

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