Which blackout curtains are used in the office

Curtains are an indispensable tool in our lives, and they are also an essential link in decoration. In the current decoration market, there are various types and brands of pull down blinds, and among your various curtains , Blackout curtains are the common choice of many people, so, what is the price of blackout curtain fabric? What is a blackout curtain? In this article, we will give you an introduction.

1. Introduction of pull down blinds

For curtains with shading function, a layer of window screen and a layer of cloth curtain are commonly used. It is used for shading indoors while preparing decorative and aesthetic features.

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2. Is the blackout curtain cloth okay?

It feels thick to achieve the effect of shading. The house facing the east-west direction has brighter light. If it is summer when the strong light shines into the house and it is too hot, then the importance of curtains and blackout fabrics can be shown at this time.

3. Classification of pull down blinds fabric

1. Coated blackout cloth

Generally, there are silver coating, flocking, etc. This kind of fabric has two or more layers.

2. Woven blackout cloth

Ⅰ Flame retardant shading cloth: flame retardant function, divided into fiber flame retardant and finishing flame retardant.

Ⅱ Embossed shading cloth: Pressed by special equipment to present various pattern effects.

Ⅲ Printed shading cloth: dyes are fixed on the cloth surface by transfer printing or pigment printing to make printed shading cloth.

Ⅳ Jacquard shading fabric: A fabric that can be shading by weaving various patterns.

According to requirements, it can also be made into three anti-shading, hot silver, offset printing blackout cloth, etc.

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4.Blackout curtain fabric selection skills

Consider the use first, bathroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. For bathrooms and kitchens, choose ones that are resistant to dirt and easy to clean; for living rooms and dining rooms, choose ones that are more decorative. For the bedroom, choose thicker ones. For the study room, choose a room with slightly better light transmission.

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