With the improvement of people’s living standards and economic levels, people have higher and higher requirements for quality of life. In particular, the decoration style requirements of the home environment and office environment are becoming more and more solitary. And curtains or blinds, as the soul of windows, its style and quality become more important. Therefore, whether you are a blinds fabric wholesaler, retailer, or readymade blinds manufacturer, choosing a professional blinds fabric supplier is even more important. And who is the most professional blinds fabric manufacturer in China?

UNITEC Textile Decoration Professional blinds fabric manufacturer in China
UNITEC Textile Decoration Professional blinds fabric manufacturer in China

First of all, professionalism is not a word, but a kind of ingenuity. So you need to judge from the following aspects:

The scale of the manufacturer:

As a professional blinds fabric manufacturer, it needs to have at least 3 production lines to meet the production lead time, new product development, and meet customer emergency projects. Only with sufficient production lines can the production schedule be controlled independently.

In addition, the scale of a professional blinds fabric manufacturer can better prove its scale effect, reflecting its production strength, long-term stable supply capacity, and reliability.

The establishment time of the blinds fabric manufacturer:

Let us imagine the following: Would you believe in the products that a new company provides for you? Does it have enough experience? Can it provide you with a long-term stable supply? How is its ability to deal with emergencies? These are all things you need to consider as a blinds fabric buyer.

The continuous operation time of a factory can better reflect the management ability, operation ability, and customer serviceability of this factory. Especially the customer serviceability, if there is no customer’s recognition of product quality and service quality, no company can continue to operate.

Professional level of a professional blinds fabric manufacturer :

professional blinds fabric manufacturer must be able to control the entire production process. Mainly reflected in the following points:

  • For raw materials, The professional blinds fabric manufacturer must have a stable supply chain and a strict supply chain screening system. At the same time, there must be an alternative supply chain system.

In addition, there must be laboratories corresponding to raw material research and development analysis.

UNITEC Textile Decoration Co., Ltd, as a professional blinds fabric manufacturer, we have a supply chain system with more than 20 years of cooperation. At the same time, all our suppliers must pass ISO9001 and ISO14001 system certification. In addition, our suppliers must also have professional raw material supply, production, warehousing, inventory, and other systems to match us.

  • For the production process, it must have a complete production process control system.

UNITEC has a complete production process control system and corporate quality system ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification. Furthermore, We have professional responsible workers for each production process, and supervisors supervise and control the entire production process.

UNITEC has IQC (Income Quality Control)-IPQC (In-Process Quality Control)-FQC (Final Quality Control)-QA (Quality Assurance). Moreover, Our quality inspectors have more than 10 years of work experience, Our QC team has zero -Tolerance for quality problems. Every aspect of our quality inspection is 100% inspection.

  • For service level, As a professional blinds fabric manufacturer, do you have enough and professional personnel to serve customers and provide professional solutions? Whether they can respond to the customer’s request promptly?

From the above content, you should be able to take the initiative to choose your blinds fabric supplier. If you have any other questions, you are welcome to leave a message. We will answer you in time.

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