Introduction to advantages and disadvantages of full (semi) blackout roller blinds, material recommendation and price analysis for purchasing full (semi) blackout roller blinds

Premium light filtering roller shade (full blackout roller blinds + semi-blackout roller blinds) account for more than 60% of all roller blind products. Indeed, blackout roller blinds are highly recognized and favored by the market due to their good shading properties, excellent energy-saving effects, and easy cleaning and maintenance. . Today, we will review and analyze the material of blackout roller blinds, the price of blackout roller blinds, and the advantages and disadvantages of full blackout roller blinds and semi-blackout roller blinds, and share them with you as a reference for recommended purchases of blackout roller blinds.

What are blackout roller blinds? The difference between full blackout roller blinds and half blackout roller blinds

The premium light filtering roller shade is coated with several layers of styrofoam on the back of the roller blind, usually three layers: the innermost layer is white, then black, and the outermost layer is white or a similar color material, when the light layer after layer After being filtered out by styrofoam, it can block light and heat.

Blackout roller blinds can be divided into full blackout roller blinds and semi-blackout roller blinds according to the shading level of the curtains. As the name suggests, full blackout roller blinds can provide a high degree of light isolation; semi-blackout roller blinds can only block part of the light source. Generally, the so-called blackout roller blinds refer to full blackout roller blinds.

The easiest way to test the shading effect is to use a mobile phone flashlight to illuminate from the back of the material. Most of the total blackout roller blinds cannot see the light, and a few can see faint light spots. Compared with blackout roller blinds, other roller blinds are considered semi-blackout roller blinds, with a shading rate of less than 60%. In addition, the better the shading effect, the better the shading and heat insulation effect of the roller blind.

What are the materials of blackout roller blinds?

Plain blackout roller blinds: The most common and cheapest blackout roller blind material, the plain polyester fabric is dyed and then coated with styrofoam. The dark material of this blackout roller blind can reach the degree of total shading and can effectively insulate heat. It is widely used in commercial spaces. Most of the materials themselves are flameproof, and merchants can ask for flameproof certificates and labels when using them.

premium light filtering roller shade

Printed Blackout Roller Blind: This Material Is Made Of Plain Polyester Fiber Cloth With Various Designs And Colors Transferred By A Roller, And Then Coated With Styrofoam. The Colors Can Be Varied. Limited By The Small Market In Taiwan, Too Many Designs Will Lead To Low Inventory Turnover Of Manufacturers, So The Market Supply Is Not Much. The Current Trend Is To Use The Large Image Output (Spray Image) Method For Customization, The Effect And Quality Are Quite Good, And It Is Not Limited By The Choice.

Jacquard Blackout Roller Blinds: Jacquard blackout roller blinds using interlaced yarns to produce three-dimensional textures. It has many changes, has a warm feeling, and is easy to match and decorate. It is the main blackout roller blind material for various home styles.

premium light filtering roller shade

Bathroom Blackout Roller Blinds: This Material, Along With Blinds, Is The Most Common Bathroom Curtain. The Surface Of Bathroom Blackout Roller Blinds Has Been Treated With Water Repellent, But Water Repellency Does Not Mean Waterproof. Moisture Will Still Seep Into The Fabric Surface, Especially The Blackout Roller Blinds Are Not Conducive To Bathroom Ventilation. It Will Start To Mold Within Half A Year Or Three Months.

Flame-proof blackout roller blinds: belong to textiles and are subject to flame-proof regulations. When used in public places such as schools, cinemas, and shops, flame-proof certificates are required. There are many materials of blackout roller blinds that can provide flame proof proof, even the lowest price blackout roller blinds, remember to ask the manufacturer for it.

What is the approximate market price of blackout roller blinds?

The price of full blackout roller blinds falls between NT$80 and NT$280 per day, and it is not more expensive than half blackout roller blinds:

The price of plain plain blackout roller blinds is NT$80 to NT$150 per month, the price of printed blackout roller blinds is NT$120 to NT$250 per month, and the price of jacquard blackout roller blinds is NT$120 to NT$280 per month. Yuan.


premium light filtering roller shade

Like curtain fabrics, the price of blackout roller blinds is most affected by the brand and particularity. Blackout roller blinds are currently the mainstream in the roller blind market, with a large amount of use and many suppliers, and they are the roller blinds with the highest CP value.

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