Top 6 Popular Colors for Roller Blinds

There are many popular colors for roller blinds. However, finding the right color combination can often be difficult. To help you out, we’ve included rows of roller blinds in 7 popular colors.

1. Gray roller blinds

Gray is a color that is making a comeback in many interiors. This color has been in fashion for many years and keeps coming back. This is because gray is easy to match with other colors.


By combining gray with warm tones, you can create a cozy and peaceful atmosphere. For example, dark gray with chestnut brown tones, or light gray with dark emerald green. In modern interiors, gray can also be combined well with light, fresh colors, such as deep pink or white.

popular colors for roller blinds

2. Green roller blinds

Green curtains give the interior a natural look. These are perfect for a house with lots of plants and other natural tones like browns and reds. In this way, you can also easily create urban-style interiors.

Green roller blinds bring a serene impression to your home. Therefore, in combination with roller blinds, they are ideal for hanging in the workplace. Start with pretty plants paired with green roller shades. This allows you to filter and regulate daylight well so you can work calmly and focus.

popular colors for roller blinds

3.Beige roller blinds

  • Do you also want to bring into your home the feeling you get when you walk into a luxury hotel? Then choose beige roller blinds. The color is neutral and has a calming feel to it. Beige is perfectly combined with warm and wood tones.


    We especially see beige in the bohemian lifestyle. Here, white is often used as a base for earth tones like beige and brown. Beige comes in many different shades, so it’s versatile and easy to match with interior decor.


4. White roller blinds

  • White roller blinds also give a sense of calm. Daylight can pass through here happily. If you choose white transparent roller blinds, you will hardly notice that there are roller blinds. These give a fresh and clean feel.

    This color also goes well with any interior. It goes with just about anything. White is a neutral color that works best with stylish interiors. One downside to white roller blinds is that they are more prone to stains and discoloration becomes visible sooner.

popular colors for roller blinds

5. Blue roller blinds

  • You can easily add more color to your home by hanging blue roller blinds. This color is especially popular in children’s rooms. Blue is also a popular color in bathrooms and can be reflected in roller blinds. This is because blue gives a cool and calm vibe.


    Denim elements are a popular combination with blue roller shades. For example, consider decorative cushions or chairs made of denim. Blue roller blinds accentuate these elements nicely.

6. Pink roller blinds

  • Pink roller blinds add a soft touch to your interior. Such curtains can create a cozy feeling in the interior. There are countless shades of pink. From light pink curtains to dark pink curtains. Therefore, pink curtains are suitable for almost all lifestyles. For example, aged pink looks great in a rustic or bohemian interior. Old pink curtains are also suitable for chic hotel interiors.


    Pink shades go well with greens and grays. Pink can be a really cool color and a real highlight of any interior. If you choose a thinner curtain fabric, the pink hue will also allow daylight to filter through nicely.

In short

If you don’t like the popular colors of the roller blinds, then you can also consult us for more information about the colors of the roller blinds, and of course you can also choose to customize a unique roller blind.

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