Pleated blinds: the ideal solution for interiors

One of the most important elements in decorating a home are curtains. Pleated blinds are all the rage right now because of their practicality and sophisticated design.

What are pleated blinds?

The pleated blinds are folding blinds that allow the screen-folded soft curtain to be stretched and retracted in a folded form. The design concept is derived from the waves made by the breeze blowing across the sea, and the simple and quiet statement shows the extraordinary charm. Because of its unique pleated shape, the sunshade and sunlight reflection area are 1/3 larger than other curtains, with unparalleled sunshade effect and good sound insulation effect. Applicable places: villas, homes, office buildings, conference rooms, indoor sunshade of commercial buildings, etc.

pleated blinds

Types of shutters

There are many types of shutters. For example, a roller blind allows you to filter light efficiently, and its actuators can be springs, chains, winches, motors. Vertical blinds consist of vertical strips that allow you to flexibly adjust the light in the interior. Blinds made of adjustable slat system are suitable for offices as well as for homes. However, the most popular interior decorative shutters are the pleated shutters because of their linear and modern design, and they fit well into any type of decor without taking up too much space.

The technical characteristics of the pleated blinds

  • Pleated blinds add elegance to any setting: they are made of fabric with regular horizontal or vertical folds, inserted into an aluminum base. One of the great things about this type of curtain is that when it is closed, it prevents others from seeing through the glass into the room, allowing light to filter through while maintaining privacy. When folded, pleated curtains take up space in the interior and make the room very bright.


Choosing fabrics for drapes usually chooses lightweight fabrics to create a feeling of lightness. The curtain is inserted into a support structure made of lightweight material; making it adjustable by means of cords, handles or double handles. The electric blinds can then also be operated with a remote control.

  • The installation of pleated blinds is very simple: they are suitable for different types of windows and French doors and are installed directly on the door of the fixture.

pleated blinds

Choosing Pleated blinds: Light Filtering or Blackout?

  • Pleated blinds fall into two main categories: light-filtering blinds and blackout blinds. Filtering curtains are the ideal solution when you want privacy but at the same time want a bright environment: they allow light to pass through without giving you a glimpse into the interior of the room.

pleated blinds

Pleated blinds for every environment

  • Each room has its own curtains that complement the surrounding design. In general, we recommend pleated blinds for bedrooms or bathrooms. For other rooms, you can opt for filter drapes to adjust the daylight, but obviously everything changes based on your needs. UNITEC has a variety of fabrics and colors for you to choose from, which can meet your needs for home or office furniture.

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