Perfect Fit Venetian Blinds - electric roller blinds

After the emergence of smart home products, lighting control, electric curtains, temperature control, etc. are the mainstream of today’s smart home products. Among them, perfect fit venetian blinds have many advantages such as beautiful and simple appearance, firm and durable structure, and are suitable for various places. Such as airports, office buildings, hotels and other large sunshade areas.

Advantages and features of manual roller blinds:

1. Electric roller blinds can effectively experience visual comfort, thermal comfort and save energy consumption.

2. The intelligent motion flush technology in the perfect fit venetian blinds can program the motor through software, and fine-tune the speed of the motor according to the change of the size of the coil tube and the thickness of the curtain, so that the roller blind can be synchronized during operation and ensure the bottom of the operation. The height difference between the rod and the preset position is not more than 3mm.

perfect fit venetian blinds

3. The electric roller blind has a long service life, is easier to clean and maintain, and has a lower cost, while not having much impact on the building structure. Combined with the optimized combination of highly reflective glass or double-layer glass curtain wall, it can play a very good sunshade and decorative effect.

4. The electric roller blind is made of flexible textile fabric, and the motor drives the rotation of the roller tube to run up and down, which plays the role of sunshade and heat insulation, light adjustment and decoration. The fabrics of electric roller blinds mainly include polyester fiber fabrics and glass fiber fabrics, which can effectively change the visual comfort, anti-glare, experience thermal comfort, and save energy. And flame retardant.

5. The special tubular DC motor in the electric roller blind can run ultra-quietly without affecting the user experience.

6. Indoor electric roller blinds can be controlled by switches and radio signal remote control; intelligent control, smart panel or mobile APP control can be realized. It can also be incorporated into the building intelligent control system.

perfect fit venetian blinds

7. Pay attention to the application of electric curtains. If the curtains of the project have a large span and a large area, flush management technology is a necessary technical condition.

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