Panel track blinds for living room – a stylish option

A panel track blinds for living room can be quite a challenge. Panel track blinds offer the same functions as curtains, but the comfort of home wins many integers with this decorative option.

Use panel track blinds to Decorate a classic living room is quite a challenge. But that does not mean that it should be a problem. The panels allow you to gain privacy while giving an elegant touch. Much better than a blind or a classic old-fashioned curtain.

Like the roller blinds, the panel track blinds combine perfectly with different decorative styles such as Nordic, industrial, oriental, the most minimalist, or a Zen style that invites you to relax. They are simple, modern, and can be made to measure. They are easy to install and hardly take up space. Still not convinced? Keep reading and we will convince you of all the reasons to decorate with panel track blinds for living room:

Panel track blinds are a serious alternative to traditional curtains. Its advantages must be taken into account:

  • Its vertical shape makes it possible to dress any type of window.
  • Ideal for covering large sliding windows.
  • They prevent direct glare.
  • They are independent of each other and slide on parallel rails. They move horizontally through guides, which can be between two and five.
  • They require little maintenance and are easy to clean.
  • You can combine the slats in various colors and with practically no price increase.
  • Very easy to install. You can even do it yourself. Since they are attached with velcro. They are attached to the wall or ceiling. The mechanism that collects the rails is fixed to the wall by means of screws.
  • The Panel track blinds add a chic touch to any room that lends itself. The type of fabric and texture used, as well as the color or patterns that adorn it, will also influence. The combinations are endless, to suit the consumer. The most recommended: neutral colors that go well with almost everything.
  • The number of panels can be highly variable, which in turn offers multiple alternatives.

Decorating the living room with panel track blinds: some tips

Panel track blinds to decorate the interior windows and doors

Keep in mind that you can use the Panel track blinds to decorate the interior windows and doors and in this way, you can give a modern and elegant touch in houses by replacing the curtains and blinds with these decorative details. However, you also have to bear in mind that these Panel track blinds for living room are designed for the decoration of large windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling.

On the other hand, as modernity is spreading so that it can reach the largest number of houses, short Panel track blinds are also being manufactured for small windows. In addition, the Panel track blinds can also be used as sliding doors and you can also use them to separate environments. In this way, you will make a very original decoration and give another touch to your interior.

Moreover, it must also be taken into account that modern Panel track blinds decoration is made with rails since these are designed in this way. You can opt for rails with two to five tracks that are collected laterally or centrally, taking into account the width of the window. In addition, when it comes to side collection this can be to the right or to the left or it can also be on both sides.

Decorating the panel track blinds is a more than interesting option

Decorating the panel track blinds for living room is a more than interesting option. A fundamental part of getting the decoration right is finding the right fabric. For this, you have to take into account in which room they will be placed: living room, dining room, living room, bedrooms … The color of the walls and the texture of the furniture will decide the type of fabric, the color, and the final design.

Its degree of opacity is also of some importance. The Panel track blinds for living room, both folded and unfolded, must be able to let in the light in its proper measure, without dazzling us, while preserving our privacy.

Regarding the material from which technical fabrics must be made, they are light to unfold. Within this type of fabric, there is the greater or lesser thickness to allow more or less light to pass through. Another thicker one will allow less light to pass through. In the wise combination of both models that qualify the tonalities that we look for at all times, success will reside.

Tips for placing Panel track blinds for the living room

One tip: to take measurements and install Panel track blinds for living room, keep in mind that we will add five centimeters to the width on each side of the window frame. As for the height, we must deduct three centimeters from the total measurement.

The final touch of the perfect Panel track blinds for your living room is decided by the placement of a small counterweight at the end of the panel. UNITEC Textile Decoration has different models for your choice. In this way, it is easier to stretch the fabric so that it looks perfect.

As you have seen, decorating a room with Panel track blinds can be a solution for a modern and current living room. And also very original because its use is not yet widespread.

How to decorate with panel blinds?

As you can see in the image, separating environments with Panel track blinds for living room is a very good alternative to having to do works or when making the most of a small apartment.

These are independent panel track blinds, with an almost rigid structure, that intersects with each other and that can go from ceiling to floor creating a door effect. They have velcro on the top and a pocketed counterweight on the bottom. They move horizontally through guides on the rail, which can be between 2 and 5.

More information:

In addition, Panel track blinds for living room can be composed of a single fabric or they can present differences in material. However, they all move horizontally and also intersect in ways that block light.

On the other hand, for the decoration of the interiors, you can also choose custom Panel track blinds for which you can use the services of UNITEC. When we want to make custom Panel track blinds for living room we have to specify the dimensions we want and we can also choose the decorative motifs that we want the panel to have. On the other hand, you can also choose the fabric you want and you can combine the fabrics, colors, and decorative details.

You can also choose plain colors to decorate the interiors and you can combine the colors making a very lively and pleasant decoration. In this way, you will also make cheap Panel track blinds for living room decoration that will fill your interior with life. On the other hand, you also have to keep in mind that you have to combine the colors of the panels with the colors of the interiors so as not to go overboard with the mix of tones.

You have to order the Panel track blinds for living room by taking its measurements and you can also make some very interesting improvisations for the doors in which there are crystals in the center. You can remove the crystals and put the Panel track blinds in their place. In this way, you will be able to introduce originality into the interior. You can also do this on the exterior doors that lead to a garden.



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