Panel Glide Blinds

The panel glide blinds are the materialization of the Zen style in terms of curtains, they will bring elegance and sobriety to any space. It’s minimalist and modern design consists of a series of panels or canvases. These hang from the wall or ceiling above the window until they almost touch the ground.

Quite simply, the design of the panel glide blinds allows them to be integrated into intimate spaces as well as those of common use. In addition, the variety of fabric options enriches the range of options for your installation. Please continue reading and discover the benefits and limitations of this beautiful model of blinds.

What is a panel glide blinds?

The panel glide blinds consist of a series of panels or sections of cloth. The latter is attached to a rail system supported on the window. They usually go from the highest part of the wall to a few centimeters from the ground, which provides an illusion of verticality and significant space.

Origin of the panel glide blinds

It is curious to note that, despite the name with which it has become popular, the panel glide blinds are not a design of Japanese origin. Well, it turns out that it is the Chinese neighbors who start the essence of these popular curtains.

In China, as most of us have seen in numerous artistic and cinematographic references, sliding doors with wooden frames and paper panels were used to communicate and separate different areas of the residences. We then evidenced the first references, which later evolved into mobile wood and paper sections that were installed in rooms to separate adjoining spaces.

All this culture of interior design and architecture spread and reached Japanese lands, where it was quickly assimilated and brought to the version closest to the commercially popular one that we offer to customers looking for panel glide blinds of UNITEC Textile. Where, in addition to conventional textiles, we offer much more modern fabrics.


There are many myths about the range roller blinds, but in fact its history is closely tied to various cultures around the world. The origins of roller blinds go back thousands of years ago and it has been part of human culture ever since. The various forms roller blinds have taken over that time have influenced a number of designs we use today. While the range roller blinds can take on a number of forms depending on where you live, there is one constant: Roller blinds enhance your home’s decor, making them an ideal choice for anyone who wants to impress guests or simply make their living space more comfortable.

Natural fibers:

Nowadays it is almost impossible to get fabrics that are 100% natural. Since in addition to making costs more expensive, its expiration is more immediate than any other fabric. That does not mean that they have disappeared from the map, but that there are textiles with a lower concentration of natural fibers. panel glide blinds in linen, canvas and alloys that appear to be more organic are very popular.


It is one of the most common components, it is present in almost all fabric alternatives, providing softness and lightness in the fall and to the touch in the lightest fabrics.


This component is one of those that provides more solidity and durability to the panel glide blinds.


It is one of the elements most frequently found in the different models of panel glide blinds, since its presence in the fabric provides protection against UV rays, is resistant to heat and fire, and is extremely long-lasting.

Now, since the materials that make up the fabrics have been defined, it is worth clarifying that these are present to a greater or lesser extent depending on the fabric. That is, there are fabrics that have a higher degree of one material than another.

Operation and mechanism

As the essence of its design demands, the panel glide blinds has a simple and minimalist operation that has allowed it to be incorporated into interior design advances. That is why we describe below how this wonderful curtain model works.

This design consists of a series of fabric panels that hang vertically from a border with aligned rails. At least one panel hangs from each rail attached with Velcro, with a laminated counterweight that guarantees the vertical position of the panel over time.

The system of these panels allows them to be coupled one on top of the other, to expose the window in its entirety or partially. In this sense, it is important to mention that the panels can all be aligned in the same direction and be arranged on the side of the window, or they can be separated into two groups and be aligned on each side of it.

For the opening and closing of the panel glide blinds there is a rod or cord, depending on the client’s taste, installed on one of the sides of the rail. And either by pulling the cord or turning the rod you can regulate the lighting and privacy of the space.

Importance of window size

It is very important to keep in mind that the window must have a margin of space in the wall that allows the panel glide blinds to be grouped one on top of the other to the side. This is so that when the window is cleared, the panels are not grouped on it which reduces the range of vision and lighting.

It should also be clarified that the panel glide blinds are made to measure and in correspondence with the space occupied by the window, so the dimensions of your window are not a limitation. What is essential is that the window does not open inwards, so that it does not interfere with the operation of the curtain. In addition, taking these premises into account makes the criteria for choosing the panel much more precise.

Parts of a panel glide blinds

Despite having an extremely simple operating mechanism, we believe it is necessary to describe in detail each part that makes it up. We are sure that at the end of the article you will be able to identify the parts and pieces that make it up, which in addition to being necessary is easy.

The supports:

They are the pieces fixed to the surface where the panel glide blinds will be installed. To ensure that they are supported, the wall is drilled with a drill and the supports are fixed with the corresponding screws to the surface; which may well be drywall, wood, brick or concrete.

The rail:

it is made up of the plastic or metal tracks on which the fabric panels slide. It exceeds the size of the window taking into account the space for the panels to be grouped to reveal the window. Likewise, the thickness of the rail depends on the number of panels that the window occupies.

The handling or control of the panel glide blinds:

It is located at one of the ends of the rail and constitutes the mechanism that allows manual and motorized operation of the curtain. It is made up of a gear system that allows the cloths to slide from one side to the other.

The chain of command:

It is the plastic, textile or metal cord that is connected to the control mechanism and allows the user to control the opening or closing of the curtain. It is available only in manually operated installations.

The bottom profile:

it is given by the horizontal counterweight through which the fabric slides. Makes the control of the curtain more stable, and prevents the fabric from being deformed.

The motorized control system is a super complement that provides modernization, functionality and is here to stay. In this sense, it is worth clarifying that motorized curtains are also known as electric curtains, since it is an electric motor that is responsible for making the blind move, up or down.

In addition, the panel glide blinds can be manufactured with a built-in electrical system, as well as those that are already installed and are for conventional manual use, can be modified with the incorporation of an electric motor. Although, of course, several factors influence this modification, such as the physical state of the panel glide blinds, the available space, and aesthetics.

On the other hand, depending on the drive of the motor, the motorized curtains can be manual; when turned on via a switch, which is usually near the window. Or remote control: which is the most advanced option since almost the entire system is automated by incorporating an electronic system into the mechanism, whose function is to connect the control options to the remote control, telephone or voice assistant.

Remote Control for panel glide blinds

Likewise, one of the greatest attributes of this curtain system is that its remote control installation is ideal for windows that are difficult to access. Therefore, high windows are no longer an obstacle or threat for users of this new system. The installation of the motorized system brings modernity and is a good option for rooms or offices with multiple windows

These are the parts that make up a panel glide blinds drapery system. It is obviously a very simple system, so it is very likely to be adapted to complements and accessories as the world of modern curtains. Thus, as we will see below, the possibilities of integrating the needs of spaces with demands for lighting and privacy with specific characteristics.

Where to install the panel glide blinds?

We would love to say that terms and conditions do not apply, but you will already know that there is an ideal curtain for each space. That is why we now clarify that they are ideal for doors-windows and windows that go from ceiling to floor. Although this concept does not prevent them from being installed on windows with other features.

The panel glide blinds can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling next to the window, the versatility of the installation will depend on the space and preference of the client.

Installation of panel glide blinds

For the installation process to be carried out in the most optimal way, the size of the curtain must correspond to the needs of the space, so it is extremely necessary to have specific measurements. This will ensure that the goal of covering the window and ensuring light entry and blocking is successfully accomplished.

That is why our consultants have the ideal training to take measurements with extreme precision, in addition to knowing the criteria for installation with adequate proportions to the space occupied by the window and in relation to other elements close to it. As well as taking the necessary considerations for the installation of another complementary curtain system, in case it is a customer requirement.

In addition, the versatility of the panel glide blinds is also reflected in the variability of the installation, since it is supported both above the window, as well as on the wall, or even on the ceiling. Therefore, it can be easily incorporated into the needs of spaces with very specific characteristics.

panel glide blinds
panel glide blinds

How and where are they fixed?

In the installation process, the measurements and the level of the place (ceiling or wall) where the support will be installed are taken, to guarantee that it is completely horizontal and that no unevenness hinders the operation of the system. Next, marks are made to drill the surface where the supports are installed. The marked surface is drilled with the drill. The supports are then screwed on and once this task is done, the headrail is placed with the fabric to test the drive mechanism, whether manual or motorized. Finally, the respective fixes and adjustments are applied to the system.

And although the system is extremely simple, the installation of the panel glide blinds must be carried out by a specialized technician, to guarantee the best results. we have the best trained and most experienced technicians for advice, quotes and installation.

Commercial and home use

The modern and stylized design of the panel glide blinds has an extremely practical and versatile character. And that is why it is viable for both domestic spaces and companies. panel glide blinds have such a wide material weave and porosity that they are perfect for bedrooms. Also for family common areas with demand for light and privacy. Also in game rooms, study rooms, commercial offices, and other spaces with screens for recreational or work use. The installation of the panel glide blinds guarantees the entry of light and will avoid reflection due to the direct entry of light. Likewise, they are ideal for conference rooms, private offices, clinics, and commercial facilities that require specific privacy control at different times of the day, as well as lighting and temperature control.

In short, panel glide blinds are perfect for maintaining privacy at home. Also, for commercial uses. These blinds are one of the most versatile and elegant pieces in the world.

However, the fabric to be selected must be taken into account. It depends on the space needs. Since a panel glide blinds in canvas fabric is not the same for an office, as it is for a domestic room. That is why to fine-tune the selection of the best fabric, our advisors provide the best advice. These with a focus on the installation of curtains and blinds.

panel glide blinds

Panel glide blinds design

Although curtains are elements that are part of the most functional elements of our family or work spaces, it is impossible to leave them as lightly selected accessories. The curtains not only fulfill a utilitarian function of protection. They also constitute a key part of the aesthetics and comfort of the rooms.

In order to synthesize and simplify the steps to select the panel glide blinds, we share the following tips:


The beauty of simplicity is embodied in this curtain system. The zen style manifests itself in the subtle operation as well as the simple lines.


It is easily integrated into any design. Don’t let the oriental origin of this system restrict you, it is suitable for any style of decoration, even if you lean towards more loaded trends.


Either from the sun’s rays or from intrusive glances, panel glide blinds protect you to the extent you like, depending on the fabric you choose.

The style:

Each space fulfills a specific function and task. And these are the bases when considering and determining the style of a room. Precisely for this reason, the style must be defined and assimilated before selecting a curtain.

The color:

In interior design, several criteria are used in the process of creating the most comfortable and beautiful room, and color is essential in that regard. So, it is important that you know that the color that predominates on the walls is the ideal one for the panel glide blinds, since it will be more friendly to the eye if the room is made up of furniture and decorative elements that already have the leading role. You can be sure that the curtains will not interfere with the harmony of your space if they match the predominant neutrals of the place. In addition, by acting as a filter, it will project the color of the fabric throughout the room, pay great attention to this detail.

The focal point:

This is determined by the point of the room that has the greatest prominence. Let’s say that it is that place where the gaze is diverted when entering the room. In fact, in some cases, this point is given by a fireplace, a wall with wallpaper or paintings, a sofa, or in some cases by a window. If you can identify the focal point in the room, you will know the level of prominence that your Screen curtain should have, either to highlight the window or to blend with the tone of the walls.

Dimensions and pattern:

Let us remember that the curtains are textiles that are not renewed every season, so the premise must prevail that the larger the space it will occupy, the more neutral the color must be. This is the reason why colors that are too marked and dramatic are not recommended, although it is valid to consider them in more risky proposals.

Combination with other systems

Although in terms of utility, the panel glide blinds fulfill the function of protecting and illuminating, it is clear that there are rooms where greater privacy is needed at night. Because of course, the privacy it gives you during the day is difficult to preserve at night, when the lighting inside the room leaves the residents exposed to the lights and gazes from the outside.

Combination with other systems

Although in terms of utility, the panel glide blinds fulfill the function of protecting and illuminating, it is clear that there are rooms where greater privacy is needed at night. Because of course, the privacy it gives you during the day is difficult to preserve at night, when the lighting inside the room leaves the residents exposed to the lights and gazes from the outside.

That is why it is of the utmost importance to consider the combination with other systems when the location requires it. We could, ideally, alternate with curtains that provide privacy at night and in this sense, blackout fabrics are the most suitable.

In this context, the design and personality of the space are evaluated to incorporate systems that do not clash with the aesthetics of the place and complement the function of the screen.

Next, we will tell you which are the curtain systems that best go with the panel glide blinds and why:

The roll-up blackout:

This model is very similar to the panel glide blinds because both systems are easy to install and operate. Now, what makes them extremely compatible is the quality of the fabrics, since while the blackout blocks the passage of light, some of the panel glide blinds fabrics allow light to enter in a subtle way. In this case, the blackout is installed behind the panel glide blinds, so that when it opens it does not hide the panel.

The possibility of presenting two curtain models in single-window increases their useful lifetime, as well as opens a range of possibilities when regulating the privacy and lighting of the space. In addition to simplifying the task of changing the decoration of the space when necessary, adjusting the aesthetics of the main curtain to the needs and style of the place.

Cleaning and maintenance

The truth is that attention to maintenance and cleaning can prolong the useful life of your panel glide blinds system, so here we give you a series of tips, which should go hand in hand with the recommendations of the technician and advisor who will assist you. guide to preserving it in good condition:

It is imperative to remove dirt weekly and not allow dust to accumulate, the ideal way is to use a medium power vacuum cleaner.

In the case of panel glide blinds with a higher percentage of polyester, it is advisable to clean them twice a year, to prolong the durability of the fabric.

Although they can be easily removed thanks to the velcro, they should not be washed in a washing machine.

In case of splashes, clean it immediately with a soft cloth and water, however, the necessary product may vary depending on the composition of the fabric.

Annual maintenance

Annual maintenance of the supports and other parts of the system will guarantee optimal operation.

Contact us, UNITEC Textile offers cleaning of panel glide blinds with an ideal system to ensure the sustainability of your curtains. As a result, we have verified that panel glide blinds are a sophisticated system. It is also practical because it is not limited to covering a window. This system of curtains provides comfort and personality in spaces. In addition, its revolutionary simplicity makes it one of the main options. They can be combined with other curtain models. As well as it is practical in terms of the possibility of operating in a motorized way.

Finally, the presence of a technical specialist in curtains provides security. We do not recommend the intuition and improvisation of a self-taught person. And that is the reason why in UNITEC Textile we do not limit ourselves to shipping and selling. We start from the advice, which is the basis that accompanies us from the quote to the end of the installation. In addition, our after-sales service ensures a five-year guarantee.

panel glide blinds

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