The product structure and operation mode of soft gauze curtain

The Palette Zebra Blinds is a popular curtain that is widely used in homes, hotels, restaurants, villas, high-end office buildings and other places. The following small series presents the structure of the product and the mode of operation of the soft gauze curtain.

The product structure of Palette Zebra Blinds:

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1. Curtain fabric: Material – polyester/foam/nylon, double-layer fabric. UV protection, energy saving and environmental protection. The soft gauze curtain is made of polyester fibre fabric, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless: it’s made from a layer of thread folded between the same piece of polyester fabric with a special weaving method, folded into a soft horizontal curtain strap.

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Palette Zebra Blinds

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Composition: 100% Polyester

Style:Zebra 7.5cm x 5cm
Width: 2.85M
Roll Length: 50m ± 5m or Customized
Weight:237 g/m² ±5 %
Color Fastness:Fabric is treated with Grade 5+ UV inhibitor

Fabric Name – Code: UNZ10

Composition: 100%Polyester

Width: 2.85M
Roll Length: 50m ± 5m or Customized
Color Fastness:Fabric is treated with Grade 5+ UV inhibitor

Palette Zebra Blinds

The operation mode of Palette Zebra Blinds:

Semi-automatic spring type

A new type of Palette Zebra Blinds system developed on the basis of spring roller curtain and bead type soft gauze curtain can use the traditional bead type operation mode to pull the bead to achieve the purpose of lifting the soft gauze curtain, and can also pull the lower rail of the soft gauze curtain, and gently pull the soft gauze curtain to realize the lifting of the fabric relying on the spring elasticity. This system is convenient to operate and saves labor, and we also add the stopper design. When the curtain is in the process of falling, if you want to stop it halfway, just gently pull the bead behind the Palette Zebra Blinds will stop moving. The only disadvantage is that the height should not be too high, the spring elasticity is limited, and it is generally suitable for Windows with a height of 1.5 meters and below.

Palette Zebra Blinds

Electric take-up

Electric flexible curtain adopts tubular motor, with 2.0mm thickness of 40 coil tube (with curtain cover type design) or 1.2mm thickness of 50 coil tube (without curtain cover type design), the control system can use external wall control switch, wireless remote control and other ways, the motor can also use the latest silent series motor, suitable for high-end office or smart home environment.

Maintenance and cleaning:

1. Ultrasonic cleaning, make the fabric bright as new.

2. Vacuum and dust.

3. To achieve deep cleaning, please use a vacuum cleaner with a brush head to gently vacuum. You can also use a hair dryer (not set to heat) to remove dust from some window decorations. Use a soft cloth or sponge moistened with warm water to wipe the curtains when dusting/sterilizing. If desired, a mild detergent can be added. To wipe gently to prevent wrinkling or damaging the fabric, wiping can make the curtain cleaner. The steam iron is about 10 cm away from the cloth curtain to spray and iron, which can have a dust removal/sterilization effect.

Also, you may want to evaluate your current window hardware to make sure it can support the weight of the treatment you are considering. For example, some room blackout drapes may be heavier than standard drapes and require sturdier hardware to hang properly.

By considering these factors before purchasing, you can ensure that the room darkening curtains you choose are the right fit and provide the desired level of blackout and privacy.

The irresistible advantages of soft gauze curtains:

Adjustable light
The flexible gazza curtain has a unique two-layer design and the gas is divided. Such a structure makes the effect of the interior lighting can be adjusted by superimposing the filter and the fabric to transform the different aesthetics. When FIG and FIG, fabric and fabric match, the light is softer and direct light can be reduced. When the gas and curtain coincide, the light is fully covered to achieve the goal of blocking the light and protecting privacy.

Palette Zebra Blinds

Through the above introduction, we have a general understanding of the classification of zebra curtains and whether it is good or not. We can see that the zebra curtain can be divided into semi-shading zebra curtain, imitation hemp zebra curtain and full shading zebra curtain according to the different shading effect of the fabric, and their shading effect is from low to high. The reason why they have different shading effects is because of different fabrics, we can choose according to their actual needs. Different shading curtains can be said to have no clear advantages and disadvantages, but each has its own advantages, their consistency is to create partition and decorative effect for us. It can be said that zebra curtains are a very inexpensive home improvement items.

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