Outdoor curtain: latest trends in outdoor decoration

The trends in outdoor curtain change every year. Discover what are the trends for outdoor decoration. We tell you everything you need to know about outdoor curtain in this post.

outdoor curtains

With the arrival of good weather, we are looking forward to changing the wardrobe and replacing winter clothes with summer clothes. The same happens in our house, the rooms are transformed into light and colorful spaces, leaving behind neutral colors and thick fabrics.

Outdoor curtain capture all eyes and our desire to enjoy the outdoors begins to grow. The terrace is one of the places where the change between seasons becomes more evident, in winter we do not pay much attention to the decoration of the exteriors of our house, while in summer we pay full attention to getting a terrace decorated in detail.

With the outdoor curtain, you can get the privacy you need in your space, providing a touch of glamor, delicacy, and color. Economically and without much effort. They are very easy to install. You can give a different air to your terrace and renew the style to adapt it to the established trends.

As every year, fashion is changing and the trends to decorate our terrace are not the same. It is clear that we cannot change the entire exterior decoration year after year, but we can add small changes such as renewing the curtains on the terrace to keep up to date.

Outdoor curtain styles

We can see that four different styles predominate in terms of outdoor decoration:

Romantic style

The outdoor curtain to create a romantic style should be in pastel colors, mainly in pink tones and with light floral prints. This type of style will bring sophistication and elegance to your garden. To enhance the style, let the curtains touch the floor and to achieve a more elegant fall.

Jungle Style

For the most daring, the outdoor curtain with prints with wild air in pure Hawaii style. It is a classic that does not go out of style. These outdoor curtain combine greenery prints with a mix of striking colors: oranges, browns, yellows, greens.

Geometric style

If we talk about star prints, we have to make a mandatory reference to outdoor curtain with geometric prints. The key to achieving a balanced terrace with style is to use this pattern on the curtain and soften it with plain accessories in the same shades.

Classic and vintage style

The old is a trend and the classic style every year gains more places among the most prominent trends in the outdoor curtain. The trick is to combine vintage-style curtain with modern decoration elements.

The most suitable colors for outdoor curtain

The color palette for outdoor decoration is focused on warm colors and vintage design. Green and blue tones predominate over the other colors, combined with gray, orange, and beige. To get a current terrace we must take this trend into account when choosing our outdoor curtain.

The most daring can bet on also including metallic and gold tones in the outdoor curtain. Other very fashionable colors for this season are neon colors combined with pastel colors: yellow, limes, and lilacs mixed with white.

Decoration in outdoor spaces

Gone are those gardens that required a lot of care or decorated with outdoor curtain and highly ornate accessories. The current trend is simple, minimize the decoration and maintenance of the garden.

It does not matter the size of your terrace. The important thing is to know how to choose which terrace curtain best fits the available space. Keep in mind that there should not be a very cluttered space. The goal is to find a quiet place to relax and enjoy the good temperatures.

For small spaces, we recommend using curtains in less striking colors, with which a feeling of spaciousness will be achieved. Using bold colors in the larger outdoor curtain will add vitality and playfulness to the décor.

Complement with flowers

Flowers and plants are great allies to ensure that the outdoor curtain blends in perfectly with the rest of the furniture and puts the finishing touch to your garden. Stamped, solid colors … Or you can even opt for Japanese blinds or panels.

Hydrangeas, orchids (lilacs and violets), chrysanthemums, and lavender are in fashion fused with green plant leaves, to achieve a wild and unique space.

You can accompany the flowers by placing them in tall glass vases adorned with raffia bows. You can also use wicker baskets or wooden planters. These elements will reinforce the vintage atmosphere of your terrace.

These are just a few ideas to decorate that special corner of the house with the outdoor curtain. You will make it a unique place to enjoy the good weather surrounded by family and friends. You know, if spring your house alters! get down to work and choose the perfect outdoor curtain to be trendy.

What curtains have you placed in your outdoor spaces? Tell us about it in the comments and then you give us all ideas, okay?

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