Types of outdoor blinds and curtains for the house

Outdoor blinds and curtains serve above all to control the light and make the interior a much more pleasant space.

The chosen Outdoor blinds and curtains will transform any interior into a fresh and bright space during the summer and a sheltered and cozy one when the cold arrives. When choosing the ideal Outdoor blinds and curtains for your home, there are several options: roller blinds, Venetian blinds, Alicante blinds, etc; each of them adapts to different spaces and responds to specific needs. Let yourself be advised by a professional and never choose cheap outdoor blinds and curtains.

Outdoor blinds
outdoor blinds and curtains

Types of outdoor blinds and curtains

Outdoor blinds and curtains have been used for thousands of years. In ancient times, nomads used woven leaves to protect themselves from the sun and desert air. The Romans used long pieces of silk or velvet to cover windows and doors. The Persians, Chinese, and Egyptians, already more sophisticated, made them with bamboo. The difference between the Outdoor blinds and curtains of yesteryear and the current ones lies in the manufacturing materials and the devices that they incorporate. There are almost as many types of Outdoor blinds and curtains as there are materials available to make them.

Wooden blinds.

It is the simplest type of Outdoor blinds and curtains to cover interior and exterior windows. It is the traditional Alicante blind made with other materials (slats of treated materials, galvanized steel hooks, marine cord, brake at will when unwinding …). When the Alicante blinds are made of wood, they are ideal for terrace windows – wood is the most resistant material to the effects of the sun; in addition, its appearance from the outside is elegant and pleasant.

Plastic or PVC Outdoor blinds and curtains.

Most popular; the affordable price is also a big draw. PVC is a versatile material. There are so many colors that it is easy to find the one that suits you. PVC blinds are resistant to moisture and do not lose their shape with use. This type of Outdoor blinds and curtains are ideal for homes with a pool.

Aluminum blinds.

The Outdoor blinds and curtains made of aluminum are having great acceptance due to the lightness of their handling and their durability. This material is often used in louvered blinds such as Venetian blinds, common in offices and offices.

blinds and curtains for doors.

Outdoor blinds and curtains for doors also called fly screens, are ideal on French doors. With them, it is possible to give privacy to the spaces. In addition, there is a wide variety of designs and installation mechanisms, with bars or rails.

Outdoor roller blinds

The materials with which they are manufactured –screen fabric, fundamentally– allow more efficient control of the lighting. Some of these types of roller blinds fabric dull the light, others let it filter in abundance, and some third maintain a space in semi-darkness to varying degrees. These roller blinds usually have automated mechanisms for opening and closing.

How to choose the best Outdoor blinds and curtains?

Depending on the type of blinds that are chosen, the space will have one character or another. To choose the ideal curtain, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  • The space.

What outdoor space do you need to decorate? Do you need to block the light or just blur it? What are its exact dimensions? Answering these questions will help you when choosing one type of exterior solar screens for windows or another.

  • The material.

When you have defined space, the type of material will also determine which exterior blinds to choose. For exteriors, materials such as wood, PVC, or aluminum are ideal, as we have seen.

  • The deco style.

For a room in a rustic house, wooden blinds are the perfect option, for example. In an urban and minimalist space, better aluminum or screen blind.


Which option fits best in your home? Give your opinion in the comments section.



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