Misconceptions about blackout curtains

Blackout cloth has become the demand of many customers. This is the cheapest and very practical species in the hearts of most customers. When people are pursuing a certain attribute of a thing, they often subconsciously need it to be the ultimate, that is, they hope that the blackout cloth can be It achieves 100% shading rate, lower price, more and better color choices, comfortable texture and drape, and more perfect fabric texture.

Simple shade curtain assortment

First of all, the black shading cloth consists of two layers of weaving, with a layer of black silk sandwiched in the middle. The black silk is used to block the light. If the gram weight reaches 280gsm, it can achieve 80% shading rate, and if the density is better, it can reach more than 95% shading rate. Therefore, this is also a kind of shading fabric with a high occurrence rate on the market, but the disadvantages are also very obvious. Silk is easy to absorb light and has poor heat insulation. The color of the fabric is generally dull, and the choice of home decoration is not high.

In order to solve the problem of color, printed blackout cloth has appeared, and there are more choices in color.

out shades

White silk shade cloth

The reason is similar to black silk, except that white silk is sandwiched in the middle, because black silk is used on dark-colored printing, while white silk is used on light-colored printing. This kind of blackout cloth is currently on the street. The number of small shops will be more, and the colorful ones will make ordinary people feel happy and beautiful, and the prices will be relatively low.

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Coated Blackout Cloth

This is a major event in the field of blackout cloth. There is a very good reason, that is, it can directly achieve 100% shading rate. As the name suggests, with a coating, it can almost completely refract light, isn’t it awesome?

Many low-priced roller blinds commonly used in offices use this kind of silver-coated fabric. If you want to buy this kind of material, it is recommended that you smell it with your nose after exposure to the sun for a while. Usually, the poor quality ones need to be exposed to the sun for a while. The smell of formaldehyde came back.

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Then in the past two years, a kind of pockmarked coated cloth has been upgraded on the market. In fact, the principle is the same. If you plan to use this type of shade cloth in places with strong sunlight such as the sun room, you are advised to consider it carefully. Moreover, the drape of the coated shade cloth is very unsatisfactory.

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In fact, each kind of shade cloth has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you really want to buy shade fabrics, generally speaking, it is recommended to choose black silk shade fabrics first. Regardless of engineering shade fabrics, black silk shade fabrics that are really suitable for home decoration, although the price is lower than engineering shade fabrics. The price is higher, but the advantages are still obvious: shading, good drape, washable, moderate price, and more color options. In addition, even if it is a conventional fabric, it is still simple to want it to be shaded, just attach an ordinary black silk shade cloth, just like the lining of the clothes, isn’t it very convenient? Now, do you know the properties of the blackout cloth and what kind of blackout cloth you want?

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