What are the color matching skills of the living room curtain?

Living room is the center of family decoration, the family’s daily activities, guests to the home reception, are carried out in the living room, beautifully decorated living room‘s out door roller blind, can make people sit in the living room more leisurely comfortable and comfortable

1. Grey curtains go with everything

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First of all, gray as a decoration industry, no matter what style of living room, curtain selection of gray effect is not too bad, so the following introduces a variety of styles of living room out door roller blind collocation, are no longer mentioned gray curtains, if you have little grasp of the decoration, the general selection of gray curtain effect, is not a big mistake.

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2. What color out door roller blind are used in the Chinese style living room?

Chinese style is a more mainstream decoration style, Chinese style of the living room selection of curtain color is also more, the specific color according to the whole living room soft outfit collocation, the general Chinese style will use more wood elements, so the curtain choose light brown, yellow and other warm color collocation, the effect will be good.

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3. What color curtains are used in the American style living room?

The color of the general living room curtains is based on the soft tone of the whole living room, and the American-style decoration has roughly two styles of blue and brown coffee. If the whole living room is biased towards blue and quiet, then the curtains will be more harmonious with blue;

If the whole living room is biased toward the warm color of brown coffee, then the curtains should also choose the corresponding brown coffee color.

4. What color out door roller blind are used in the modern living room?

Modern style is a hodgepodge, style style will be very much, there are cool colors, warm colors and neutral colors of the space atmosphere, the color of the curtain can be matched according to the space, the common modern style of living room curtains with blue, yellow, green, coffee color and gray and so on.

5, European style living room with what color curtains?

European style is more popular in the decoration of some middle-aged and elderly people, the effect of this kind of decoration style is more magnificent, the whole space has a feeling of gold, so the curtain is also the application of gold, so that the space appears gorgeous and noble.

6, light luxury living room with what color curtains?

Light luxury style is a more popular decoration style recently, light luxury style gives people the feeling is low-key and gorgeous grade, so light luxury living room curtain collocation, you can choose cold color + warm color collocation design, to cater to the low-key and advanced temperament of the entire space, such as gray + orange, gray + pink and other collocation, is a good light luxury style of bed curtain color.

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About the living room curtain to choose what color, different decoration styles will have different choices, the above I introduce these matching cases are only for your reference, the specific need to combine the atmosphere of the whole living room style, after all, the curtain as a large area of soft decoration elements, the whole living room space has a greater impact, the choice of time can not be sloppy!

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