Original ideas for curtains and blinds for the living room

The living room is usually the space in a house where time is most often spent with a family and without a doubt where a lot of life is spent on a daily basis. For this reason, we usually give great importance to the decoration of the room since it is very important that it has the style that we like and transmits a lot of personalities. So, today, we will give you some original ideas for curtains and blinds for the living room.

In the living rooms, it is generally where the largest windows or windows of a house are located and that is why curtains and blinds are a very important element in the decoration of the living room. These will determine the atmosphere of your home with its color and style, as well as the amount of light that passes into the living room.

Here are several original ideas for curtains and blinds for the living room:

Types of blinds

Blinds are very fashionable lately in modern homes because of their simplicity, minimalism and because they are very practical and functional. These can be manual or motorized, and there is a great variety of styles and fabrics, which we are going to see below:

Roller blinds

They are without a doubt our favorites. Roller blinds are a very modern option of curtains and blinds for the living room that fits very well in houses decorated in a contemporary style. In roller blinds, the fabric is wound on itself around a tube at the top.

This tube can include a motor for its drive, or you may prefer a cheaper option with a manual chain drive, which is the most common.

In the roller blinds, you can choose if you want the curl to be outwards (cascade type) or inwards (internal curl), depending on your tastes or if you need the fabric to fall closer or more separated from the window, for example, to save the knob.

If your windows are very wide or high, it is probably necessary that the blind be motorized since it will weigh a lot and the chain mechanism would not work well, and the fabric could roll badly and cause wrinkles.

Roman blinds

They are more classic than the previous ones. In the roman blinds, the fabric is collected on itself, but it is not rolled, but rather it is grouped by means of threads or ropes.

This option is very common in many houses and for many it is an option that gives a more welcoming touch.

Types of roman blinds

Within the roman blinds, we find two different types depending on the folding and unfolding system.

  • Folding blinds with rods

The fabric has horizontal rods that make the sector group into rectangular sections. This way it is less wrinkled.

  • Folding blinds package

These blinds carry threads that pass through the fabric from top to bottom and when the chain is activated, these threads collect the fabric from bottom to top.

Double blinds

The double curtains and blinds for the living room go one behind the other and can be installed by means of double support, to which two tubes go, or with two normal supports to the ceiling, one behind the other. They look very good and are ideal for curtains and blinds for the living room.

They are generally used by those who do not want to use blinds, so they place a screen or translucent fabric on the backout blind and on the front one a fabric that lets in some light. Thus, they have the option of controlling natural lighting at all times.

Patterned curtains and blinds

It is a more decorative option since you have countless designs and options of curtains and blinds for the living room. The good thing is that you can choose any fabric with any design and make your blinds to your liking to achieve the decoration of your living room to match the rest of the decorative elements.

Screen blinds

Screen blinds are one of the most innovative and modern options for the curtains and blinds for the living room due to their technical fabric. Screen blinds are mainly composed of PVC and Polyester or PVC and Fiberglass.

Screen blinds make the blind to allow light to pass through, but at the same time protect from the sun. Depending on the fabric, they heat up more or less, so they are also an advantage from the point of view of energy saving. In addition, they are usually supplied with flame retardant fabrics.

It is undoubtedly our favorite option to decorate living rooms in modern styles.

Simple blinds

Roller blinds without patterns or drawings are a very elegant option and generally preferred by lovers of simplicity and minimalism. You can choose between blackout fabrics, screen, or cheaper options in terms of fabric.

Single color blinds

A very common idea for curtains and blinds for the living room is to use one color blinds. This is without a doubt a safe bet since using too many colors can end up being obsolete. However, one-color blinds are more complicated than they are outdated and it is very easy to combine them with various styles of living room decoration.

Decorative roller blinds

Decorative roller blinds are made up of much more complex fabrics than screen. These fabrics are characteristic of their textures and colors.

Many of them are made up of different materials, with different brightness, which conveys a different and less common touch, many times they serve to make a more welcoming space in decorations, for example, rustic ones.

Custom blinds

Many times we do not find options that convince us, that is why we can choose fabrics with a design and ask that we make the blinds with them. So we can have all kinds of patterns on the blinds.

Another riskier option, if you want to get out of the ordinary, is the blinds stamped with phrases or messages on the fabric itself.

Curtains with slat systems

They are all those that are not made with fabrics or fabrics in a single piece but are made up of several slats that are grouped or rotated, depending on the case, to open or close, or let the light pass.

Within this category, we have several ideas for curtains and blinds for the living room, Venetian blinds, and vertical curtains.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are not made of fabrics, but of horizontal slats, which can be made of aluminum, wood or imitation wood. These are special since the slats can be oriented to regulate the entry of light.

On the other hand, aluminum Venetian blinds are losing popularity in many homes as there are much nicer living room decoration options for your windows.

However, depending on the decoration style of your living room, wooden Venetian blinds look very good and give a very exclusive touch to the living room.

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds were a trend a few years ago, and are still being used. These are individual slats that hang from a rail installed on the ceiling. When they are collected, they are grouped to the sides by sliding on the rail, but in addition, many of the slats can be oriented, which rotate on themselves so that they let in the light that we want.

As in the blinds, you can also choose opaque or translucent cloth fabrics, or technical screen fabrics, which are easier to clean and of better quality.

Large blinds

If you have large windows and you would like not to have to divide the blind into several pieces, it is best to place a single-blind that covers the entire window. This will look great in your living room as it will almost look like an extension of the wall itself. Everything will be much more minimalist, clean, and integrated.

You must bear in mind that if the blind is several meters long, you must choose it motorized, otherwise, the fabric may bend since the chain mechanism exerts more force on the side where the chain itself is and it will not roll well.

If you have a door in the large window, you can separate a blind for the door, and another large blind for the rest of the window, so you can keep the door up without having to have the rest of the room visible.

Colored blinds

If you are riskier with the decoration, you can go from neutral colors and jump to some colorful blinds that contrast with the walls and the rest of the room.

Colorful blinds can be very good if they know how to use them well and integrate with the decoration.

In addition, they bring great personality to the room.

Striped blinds

Another idea for curtains and blinds for the living room is to use blinds with a horizontal or vertical striped pattern. These can be light colors if you don’t want them to stand out too much either.

This will add great texture and visual impact to your living room and it is an option that looks great and is also valid for those who do not like a very ornate style but do not want to opt for something extremely simple or flat.

Panel track blinds

This option is perfect for windows that occupy the entire height of the wall, for example, in sliding glass doors that lead to the balcony, terrace, or garden.

The panel track blinds are made up of several sectors of fabrics that are guided by rails in their upper part, and that when collected are grouped one behind the other. In their lower part, they have a counterweight so that the fabric is always perfectly stretched.

The fabrics, like the blinds or vertical curtains, can be made with more typical fabrics, or with screen fabrics, and they can be opaque or allow light to pass through.

Combine blinds and curtains

We also have a couple of ideas and options, which are currently trending. They are very fashionable and are great for a living room or bedroom.

Curtains hanging to the sides of the blind

It consists of placing a normal roller blind and fixed curtains on its sides. That is, the curtains cannot be closed or opened, but without mere decoration.

In this idea, the curtains occupy only a small space on the sides of the blind and glued to the wall, giving the effect that they are always open.

This system is indicated for those cases in which you want to cover with the curtains the wall space that is leftover on the sides of the window, and that the blind does not cover. It looks very good.

Blinds behind and curtain track, or bar in front

The same as in the previous idea, but in this case, a normal curtain rail is placed on the ceiling, in front of the blind. In this way, the curtain can be opened and closed in the normal way, and the blind is left behind.

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