How to choose organ curtains?

The organ curtain is currently the only curtain style on the market that can stay in the middle arbitrarily. It can cover privacy and retain a lot of light. Its biggest function is heat preservation, heat insulation, antibacterial, and mildew resistance. It is a curtain style with the most complete functions. .

1.The material of the organ curtain

The curtain is made of high-grade polyester fiber and non-woven material, which feels as delicate and silky as paper. The surface material is not easy to stick to dust, and has anti-static and anti-dust mites.

organ curtain

2.What are the common operation methods of organ curtains?

1. Standard type single drawstring organ curtain
This style adopts a looping rope system. When the rope is pulled counterclockwise, the organ curtain will descend. When the rope is pulled clockwise, the organ curtain will retract. The operation method is like a roller blind.

2. Standard hand-push organ curtain
This style uses the pull ring to control the opening and closing up and down, and stops pulling down when the organ shade reaches the desired height; on the contrary, push the organ shade up to adjust the rising height of the honeycomb shade. The hand-held system prevents accidents with small children and objects, and can increase the safety of the curtains.

organ curtains

3.The size of the organ curtain and the size of the required curtain box

Generally, the size of the common organ curtain is 25mm, 35mm, 38mm, 45mm. Generally, the most commonly used is the 38mm curtain, which presents the best decorative effect. When we measure the installation, the size of the curtain should be larger than the window frame, usually Add 6cm to the left and right widths, and 6cm to the top and bottom lengths.

 For example, for a window with a width of 150cm and a height of 150cm, the size of the custom-made organ curtain is 162cm in width and 162cm in height.

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