Order roller blinds or buy ready-made roller blinds

Let’s take it step by step. You move into a new apartment, complete repairs or simply decide to update some interior details. You want all the elements to work harmoniously together, but there are pieces of furniture you don’t know where to buy it? For example, do you choose to order roller blinds online or buy ready-made roller blinds? We provide you with three element analysis for your reference.

Order roller blinds or buy ready-made roller blinds


For ready-made solutions, this is always a compromise. In the supermarket, there are no curtains corresponding to your windows (unless there is a happy coincidence). Of course, if you screw the roller on the wall, you can leave a margin at the edges. But if the width of the canvas is suddenly not enough, you will get a gap. When installed on a sash, every centimeter usually counts.


On the contrary, ordering roller blinds depending on the size of the window will perfectly avoid the problem of inappropriate size. Whether it is a large size or a non-standard size window, the size that cannot be found in a regular store can be achieved by ordering online.


Order roller blinds or buy ready-made roller blinds


Roller blinds ordered are not mass production, when the manufacturer saves quality. For ready-made solutions, cheap labor, cheap mechanisms, cheap fabrics are used. The density of the material in such products does not correspond to the declared and is often not impregnated at all. As a result, dust sticks to these stamped curtains, insects stick. The canvas becomes more polluted, rotten, faded, and the plastic parts turn yellow.

No one is responsible for the goods in the supermarket. And vice versa: let’s say you buy roller blinds for ordering plastic windows. You communicate directly with the manufacturer. He understands that all claims for goods will also be made directly and responsible for quality. If curtains are made in good conscience, they will perform their function longer and maintain a decent appearance.


  • Order roller blinds on the website or buy ready-made roller blinds directly at the supermarket? Retail stores receive a limited number of models, which are also designed for the average consumer. These are often boring, outdated textures. Roller blinds should look modern.

    In the online store, the choice is much wider. These are new modern fabrics for all interior styles. When there are many options, it’s easier to find what you need. In addition, the manager consultant will always help you make a decision.

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