How to choose blackout curtains? You need to know the difference between these 6 kinds of blackout curtains!

Buying and decorating, renting and organizing, and renovating old houses, the last step is usually to choose soft accessories that can adjust and decorate the atmosphere, and besides furniture, the most important thing is curtains! There are many different types of blackout curtains on the market, such as openness factor blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, dimming curtains, etc. Faced with a dazzling array of curtain types, would you like to know how to choose blackout curtains?

Rigid blackout curtains - Venetian blinds:

It is a rigid type of blackout curtain, which can be roughly divided into aluminum alloy venetian blinds and openness factor blinds. Among them, the aluminum alloy venetian blinds will be waterproofed on the blades and the hardware of the upper cover to meet the needs of the bathroom, so as to achieve complete waterproof and rust-proof functions. Bamboo and wood louver is a kind of blackout curtain with both fashion and retro style. It can be made into blades of different widths according to the needs. The common widths are 25mm, 35m, and 50mm.

openness factor blinds

Variety blackout curtains - curtains:

The fabrics of blackout curtains are roughly divided into sandwich fabrics, jacquard fabrics, and light-proof fabrics. Common types include curtain fabrics that generally use S hooks, snake-shaped curtains with the best drape, and neat pleated curtains (often called Roman blinds)… etc. The types of curtains vary the most, and they are best used on different windows.

Pure Romantic Misty Beauty - Sheer Curtain:

The difference between gauze curtains and blackout curtains lies in the weave and density of the fibers. It has a basic shielding effect, but it does not have the function of protecting privacy or isolating the inside and outside. Most of them are used to reconcile the decoration atmosphere and soften the cold and hard decoration style.

Neat Blackout Curtains - Roller Blinds:

Roller blinds are curtains made of PVC material or bamboo wood fiber as the main body of the fabric, with metal cross bars as the axis, and the entire surface can be opened and closed. There are semi-shading roller blinds and full-shading openness factor blinds. Easiest to clean.

openness factor blinds

Full marks for fashion - dimming curtains

As the name implies, dimming curtains can adjust the degree of incoming light according to their own needs. Dimming curtains are like an advanced version of roller blinds. Because of the design of a layer of PVC cloth and a layer of mesh, some people call it [zebra blinds]. In addition to the neat feeling of the up and down switch of the whole chip, it can also control the light source and the scope of the line of sight according to the needs, which is the first choice of many designers in recent years.

Full of functionality - honeycomb curtain

openness factor blinds

The honeycomb blind is a hollow hexagonal columnar roller blind, which looks like an accordion on one side, but it gets its name because the hexagonal shape looks like a honeycomb. The origin is to slow down the conduction of hot and cold air. In the Great Lakes region of the United States in winter, because the window glass conducts temperature quickly, even if there is a heater, it is often very cold indoors. Therefore, the honeycomb curtain was invented, which uses a hollow structural layer to slow down heat and cold. The conduction or loss of air to maintain the temperature of the indoor air conditioner and achieve the effect of energy saving.

And because the hollow structure can allow sound waves to bounce back, it can also slow down the transmission of noise to the room. There are three types of honeycomb blinds: top opening, bottom opening, and circulation.

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