Opaque curtain style | A good helper to help sleep

Busy work and a tight pace of life can make you feel tired, depressed, or even sleep badly. Make good use of the holidays to get a good night’s sleep. Sufficient sleep can not only give the body adequate rest, but also refresh the brain. Opaque curtains are a good helper for a comfortable sleep

1.What are the styles of opaque curtains

1.Opaque curtain fabric

With the rapid development of science and technology, the latest technology is to use precision lathe and high-tech aluminum evaporation method to produce a heat-insulating film, and use high-end weaving technology to sew it with curtain cloth to weave a light-resistant, non-toxic Transparent curtain fabric.

opaque curtains

When we choose opaque curtain fabric, we must pay attention to the material of the curtain fabric and the formaldehyde content. Inferior products are prone to formaldehyde residues, and the fabric surface will have a strong pungent smell. Friends with young children at home You must pay more attention when purchasing.

2.Opague roller blinds

Common blinds are made of PVC or polyester fiber. PVC roller blinds are the easiest to clean and maintain. It can also be wiped with a sponge dampened with water, or washed directly with water.

opaque curtains

If you are a west sun, east sun room, the afternoon sun is very strong, will recommend the use of advanced polyester fiber material, the material will be fast and has excellent heat absorption function.

3.Opaque dimmer curtain

The concept of double-layer roller blinds. Precise lathes combine the blackout fabric and gauze fabric into one, which can replace the function of one layer of fabric and one layer of gauze curtain fabric. A small adjustment can control the softness of the interior. light source, suitable for smaller windows.

opaque curtains

4.Opaque organ curtain

The internal structure of the curtain has air layer honeycomb design, which can lock the outdoor heat and cold air and adjust the temperature of the home space. It is the only curtain style on the market that can stop in mid-air, covering the privacy and lighting at the same time

opaque curtains

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