What are the styles of office curtains? Four common office curtains

Curtains are ubiquitous and are needed in almost any interior setting. Usually we know what styles of curtains can be installed in our homes, but few people study the styles of office curtains. Today I am going to tell you about the direction of office curtain selection, the common curtain styles in the office, and finally there are suggestions for curtain colors. If you are a purchaser in the office and still worrying about how to choose curtains, you might as well read this article carefully first!

1.Selection of office curtains

1. Both lighting and shading:

The office is a space that needs both lighting and shading. The lighting is to make the overall environment look brighter and the employees work more efficiently in it; When it is dazzling, it needs to have a shading effect. Therefore, if you want to choose curtains, you must choose curtains with both lighting and shading, such as blinds.

office curtains

2. Noise reduction:

If the office is located in a noisy urban area, or if the office space is small and requires a sound-proof conference room, it is very important to choose flannelette curtains with sound insulation effect. Certified flannelette can reduce the noise by 17db, but Complete soundproofing cannot be achieved.

office curtains

3. Privacy:

Some spaces with more privacy, such as the boss manager’s office, meeting room, etc., need a certain amount of privacy in these spaces, so it is recommended to choose curtains with better shading effect, or curtains that can quickly cover the space.

office curtains

2.Common office curtains

1. Vertical curtain
Standing curtains are the most common curtain style in early offices. The advantage is that they are very breathable and easy to install; the disadvantages are that they are fragile and have very poor sound insulation. Therefore, they are more suitable for installation in spaces with few people or poor air circulation. However, due to the advancement of technology, vertical blinds have been gradually eliminated. Now, except for old offices, almost no one is using vertical blinds.

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2. Venetian blinds
Aluminum venetian blinds are the office curtain style that replaced vertical blinds later. It is also easy to install, and has enhanced effects such as dimming and sound insulation. However, the disadvantage that has not been improved is that the blades are very easy to damage, so it is more suitable for installation on external balconies and warehouses. Or kitchen and other places to use.

office curtains

3. Sunshine roller blinds
Sunshine roller blinds are the most commonly used curtain style in most offices at present. Apart from the advantages of easy stretching, the shading effect, material options and prices are also very diverse. It can be done, so it is suitable for almost every type of office. It’s just that the fatal disadvantage of the roller blind is that it is not easy to clean. There is no way to remove it for washing, and it can only be wiped with a cloth dampened with water.

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