Do you recommend dimming roller blinds (zebra blinds)? Advantages and disadvantages/style/price lazy bag

Dimming roller blinds are a kind of roller blinds. In fact, they are double-layered off white shades. They use cloth twice the actual height, one end is hung high on the front reel, and the other end is hung high and fixed behind the reel to form a double-layer effect. Dimming roller blinds are also known as zebra blinds. The reason is that the structure of a section of densely woven and a section of hollow screen is like a zebra with black and white stripes, hence the name.

Dimming roller blind selection skills

In addition to different colors, textures, and luster, the fabrics of dimming roller blinds mainly include blackout and semi-transparent options, which can be selected according to the needs of the interior space. Shading is more suitable for spaces such as bedrooms that require better shading of light.

In addition, with the development of technology, dimming roller blinds now also have the option of providing electric systems! We have two options of electric bead chain and electric pull rod, but please note that not all series have the option of electric bead chain! The two operation methods are slightly different, and the overall appearance is also different, you can choose according to your preference!

off white shades

Advantages and disadvantages of dimming roller blinds (zebra blinds)

Advantages of dimming roller blinds (zebra blinds)
In addition to the excellent dimming function, it also takes into account the privacy requirements, very suitable for office or classroom use
The horizontal staggered design is very suitable for modern home design
Does not take up space, even in narrow rooms. For some small master bedrooms and secondary bedrooms, off white shades are a good choice and easy to clean, just wipe with a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner regularly

off white shades

Disadvantages of dimming roller blinds (zebra blinds)
Due to the staggered design of window screens and curtains, light may still leak from the window screens, and only about 80-90% of the shading effect can be achieved. Therefore, if you are sensitive to light, it is not recommended to choose a semi-shading style in the bedroom, so as not to affect the quality of sleep.
The vertical weight design of the lower rail will inevitably make a knocking sound when there is a breeze blowing slowly, so it is not recommended to place it in a place with strong wind

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