How to choose the curtain color

Color is very important in interior decoration, disorderly colors will make the whole space greatly discounted, which is why some people’s homes, although decorated very luxurious, but visually uncomfortable. When we choose the color of the next blinds, we can also match the soft tone according to the color of the sofa and carpet. Of course, the curtain is also divided into seasons, and each season uses different colors of the curtain. Now let’s take a look at the curtain color how to choose?

1.How to choose the next blinds color

1. Choose the use of color contrast technique according to the background color. If the interior style is strong and the technique is bold, you can try to use curtains of contrasting colors to do decoration. If the color of the room is relatively soft, in order to make the curtain play a decorative effect, you can choose a bright color to make the space lively. 

2. According to the choice of color matching color can be based on the sofa, chair, coffee table, bed and other choice of curtain color, as long as the color is close or similar. This is generally used when the color of furniture or bedding plays a dominant role in the entire space. Simply put, it is to compare the wall, the ground color and the furniture color. When the wall and the ground color are weak, the furniture color can be selected as the center. 

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3. Choose the color according to the ornament color. You can choose the color of the curtain according to the color of the small area, such as throw pillows, blankets, murals, etc. Some cloth sofa is not a solid color sofa, at this time the sofa pattern can also be considered as decorative color. For example, the white sofa is decorated with green patterns, and the curtains can be made of green fabric to echo each other.

4. According to the selection of light color general household light source color can be divided into warm light, natural light, white light, according to the color of the light to choose the color system, you can refer to the warm light with cold color system, such as white, green, etc.; Natural light, white with warm colors, such as beige, light coffee, light red, etc. Choose to pay attention to their more commonly used light source tone to choose curtain color also has a certain help.

5. According to the season to choose color Some families like to change the season to replace curtains, then according to the season to choose curtains, summer should be dominated by cool colors, winter should be dominated by warm colors, four seasons in the area of spring and autumn should choose neutral colors. In addition, UV protection is one of the essential conditions to buy summer curtains, it is best to light color system, because light color system not only has the effect of anti-UV, but also easier to create a harmonious home decoration effect.

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2. How to choose the next blinds color

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1, White gauze gray curtains basically can be applied to a variety of collocation can be said that this curtain is a matching existence, white gauze gray curtains and can adapt to different decoration styles, can be said to appear in any decoration style of the room white gauze gray curtains will not be particularly abrupt and blink, it will be well integrated into the whole decoration environment. 

2, Pure color curtain than patterned shade easier collocation curtain if small make up recommend buying the curtain of pure color, which can better the collocation of indoor decoration, curtain is in itself have the effect of ornament space, do not need too obvious, so there will be a feeling of a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role, there is a pattern of curtain to choose collocation indoors when it’s harder to some, We need to make corresponding adjustments according to the corresponding pattern, so it takes a lot of energy to compare the curtain of solid color. 

3, The choice of curtains can be based on the main color of the room or auxiliary color to choose a lot of curtains above do not want to have too much choice, then you can choose the same color as the main color of the room, or choose a color that can complement the main color and the main color.

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