When do I need a new blind?

Damage to parts of the shutter, soiled fabric or broken chains are all common occurrences during use. However, sometimes irreparable damage occurs. The damaged roller blind must then be replaced with a new blind. Check when to start looking for new products.

Broken blinds - When Do You Need Replacement?

After years of heavily used drapes, there may come a day when cleaning will no longer give amazing results. Difficult-to-remove dirt, torn material or structural damage can spoil the look of your roller blind. That’s when you’re probably looking for a new product that’s been tweaked in terms of design, color, and functionality. Another situation is when you’ve changed apartments or single-family homes and you’re thinking about redecorating, you might want to buy a new blind to match your decor.

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Most minor flaws with blinds can be repaired by yourself without expert help. However, if a non-replaceable part fails and the roller blind is no longer functioning properly, choose to purchase a new blind. Replacing roller shutter parts and chains isn’t much use if you’re constantly trying to fix them, as some broken parts simply can’t be repaired.

If the roller shutter does not roll up properly, replace the damaged roller blind with a new one. This could be due to mechanical failure or even excessive contamination. It’s also worth looking for a new material if the fabric itself develops cracks and physical damage after a few years. However, it is worth noting that badly damaged blinds can be very problematic, and replacing the material is complicated for the average user. You’ll also want to choose a fabric that fits your specific size and mechanism. For this it is best to contact a specialist manufacturer.

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Repair or buy new?

  • If you’re wondering whether it’s better to replace damaged shutters with new ones or try to repair them, here are a few things to keep in mind. Try to figure out what exactly is broken, then find a specific part or material and figure out what the cost is. See if you can replace the mechanism or webbing yourself. If you need professional help, additional costs may apply. If you find new blinds for the same price, this solution is the best option. You’ll be able to enjoy clean materials and well-functioning mechanics.

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How to maintain blinds?

  • First, clean your fabric blinds regularly to avoid damage. Do not use excessive force when opening and closing the windows. This often leads to cracks and damage to the mechanism. Broken blinds can sometimes be repaired, such as replacing them with new mounting hooks or installing new chains. Unfortunately, some errors can no longer be corrected. Then it is worth looking for a new blind of a special material and mechanism at this time.

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  • Cleaning shutters regularly usually means removing them completely. Be careful not to tear the fabric. It is also important to use cleaning products that are suitable for fabrics. It is best to check their function with a small piece of material in an inconspicuous place. If possible, use a vacuum cleaner with a fine pad or a special brush for cleaning. Also, don’t set the suction too high. You may also need a microfiber cloth to remove dust and grime on a regular basis. Dry cleaning is less damaging than using detergents. When it comes to kitchen or bathroom blinds, stains are best removed right away.

Oil stains, touching the fabric with dirty hands, or exposing it to excessive moisture may not prolong the life of the blinds. In addition, attention should be paid not to use too much water when cleaning, so as not to damage the structure of the material.

It is worth remembering that the material becomes less flexible with prolonged use. Therefore, great care needs to be taken when removing and installing the blinds.

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