The best choice to satisfy lighting and privacy at the same time? 4 advantages about honeycomb curtains

When it comes to the most popular types of curtains at present, honeycomb curtains are not the most installed category, but they are the most loyal. Lovers of honeycomb curtains can’t wait to install honeycomb curtains on all the curtains in the home! What is the magic of the net roller blinds that have become more and more popular in Taiwan in recent years? Today I will introduce in detail about its advantages and disadvantages and the price of honeycomb curtains.

What are honeycomb curtains? What categories are there?

Honeycomb curtains, also known as organ curtains. It is called a honeycomb curtain because the side of the curtain is composed of a hexagonal hollow structure, and it is called an net roller blinds because it opens and closes like an accordion. The curtains are designed to be hexagonal and hollow because such a design can create an air insulation layer. It was originally invented to solve the low temperature in North America. The purpose is to keep warm, which can save the use of heating and achieve energy-saving effects.

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When this feature came to Taiwan, there was a 180-degree change. The climate in Taiwan is hot, and the air insulation layer of the honeycomb curtain itself has become a tool to isolate the outdoor heat flow. It can achieve the effect of saving energy and electricity, so in Taiwan, a group of honeycomb blind enthusiasts have also gathered.

According to the shading effect of the curtain, the organ curtain can be divided into two types:

It can maintain indoor lighting and make the sunlight shine into the room more softly.

Fully transparent:
The hexagonal hollow structure is coated with silver metal coating, which can achieve 100% isolation of outdoor light. If it can be installed close to the window, the light leakage on both sides can be reduced, and a very good shading effect can be achieved.

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According to the opening and closing method, it is divided into general upward closing and up and down two-way:

Generally charged:
The curtain surface can be folded from the bottom up through the pull cord or electric control. When the honeycomb curtain is folded, it can be stored in a very small volume. Generally, the honeycomb curtain can be compressed to 15 cm when folded, which is very space-saving.

Up and down two-way:
The curtains can stay in the desired position arbitrarily, and the upper and lower parts of the curtain can be folded, and can be freely adjusted to the desired light angle and size. This kind of curtains that can be folded up and down in two directions is usually equipped with an electric remote control system, which allows people to More precise control to the desired position.

net roller blinds

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