Motorized Roller Blinds: how to choose yours and how to graduate it.

Motorized Roller Blinds

There are many reasons to use motorized roller blinds, but for those who are not familiar and want to understand how it works or discover its advantages, in this post we are going to solve all the doubts.

Specifically, we are going to focus on motorized roller blinds, since they are the most demanded by users and the ones that bring the most advantages to us today.

Motorized Roller Blinds

We have to know that this type of roller blinds is manufactured in the same way and with the same components as a roller or crank roller blind.

Its fabric can be, in the same way, screen, translucent or blackout blinds fabrics.

The only difference lies in its form of installation and the way it is operated.

First of all, we are going to explain the types of motors that exist to understand the operation of each one of them, and in this way find out which is the most suitable for your decorative project.

First of all, we have electric current motors.

As its name indicates, they are activated by means of a button that must be previously placed.

It can be located next to the blind and we will need a switch to go up and another to go down.

Or by means of a wireless controller, which must be previously programmed.

In this case, the motor is directly coupled to the electric current and to the roller blind.

It does not require to be loaded despite the passage of time, but it is a bit difficult to install and it is likely that you will need a technician for it (unless we know what we do).

Second, we find battery-powered motors.

In this case, and unlike the previous one, its installation is much easier because we dispense with the electrical installation.

Its motor contains a battery, so the installation of this roller blind is carried out like any other.

Our remote control will allow us to lower or raise the blind automatically but we will have to configure it with a few simple steps in order to establish the connection of the remote and the blinds.

We must mention that there is the possibility of configuring several blinds with the same command, for this reason, it will be easier to use all of them at the same time.

The main drawback is that these types of motors are not accessible to all blinds and will depend on both height and width measurements.

This is because the battery-powered motor has no power to move the blinds with a large fabric span, but as a general rule, we can use it without a problem.

The battery must be charged approximately every 2 years, although it will depend on the use we make of the blind.

However, its installation is much easier since we will not need to carry out electrical work.

The choice of one type of motorized roller blind or another will depend solely on our needs.

How is the rise and fall of motorized roller blinds graduated?

A very frequent question asked by our clients is how the motorized roller blinds can be raised and lowered.

For this, we will need the screwdriver that you will receive in your Corticolors package.

First of all, we have to detect the grooves to insert the tool, which is generally located on the side of the cable or antenna support.

To do it correctly, we must keep both buttons pressed, first the down button to configure that slot and perform the same effect with the up slot when we proceed to do it.

A fundamental point is that motorized roller blinds have protection to prevent overheating, so if you see that it does not rise or fall after being used, it is because it has entered this mode.

Once you have detected the slots, you will see how one of them is next to the cable or antenna.

That is the one used to go down, turning to the left and keeping the button pressed, we will make it go down more and more until we reach the height we want.

In the case of climbing, it is the slot facing the side of the cable or antenna, in the same way as in the previous one, we will turn left until we get it to rise to the desired height.

Surely by now, you will have solved all your doubts and it will not seem so difficult to install this type of motorized roller blinds.

As you have verified, its utilities are infinite and allow you to decorate any room in your home, office or the like.

As always you can count on us in our networks or on our blog, and if you have more questions about these products do not hesitate to ask us.



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