Modern roller shades in minimalist decoration

The linear, simple, and elegant style of Modern roller shades makes them an indispensable element in minimalist or avant-garde decoration. They are practical thanks to their easy roll-up system, and very versatile, since they allow us to control the exterior light, and achieve the desired intimacy and comfort indoors.

The designs of modern roller shades are undoubtedly the best exponent in avant-garde or minimalist decoration in which less is more.

modern roller shades
modern roller shades

Their functionality and elegance make them the essential and unique element for these uncluttered environments, with well-defined lines, almost monochromatic colors, and where the decorative elements are notably reduced.

For a large living room with a marked minimalist style, some roller blackout blinds that limit their space to that of the windows, create a unique visual effect, exert a total blockage on the sunlight, and their practical roll-up system allows us to enjoy the views when we wish.

Printed modern roller shades

modern roller shades

These printed blackout modern roller shades take on a dramatic role in this room where free and unobstructed spaces predominate. Without a doubt the visual effect is unique.

For a modern Loft-style space, but with a certain industrial and evocative air, the fabric modern roller shades that decorate the high-rise windows match the clean white tone of the walls, looking simple and minimal, as required by the environment.

Without a doubt, modern roller shades are the most used in minimalist decoration. They are very versatile since the different components of their fabrics: blackout or sunscreen, allow us areas of greater or lesser darkness, generate privacy inside, and provide us with greater comfort with their practical winding system, either manual or motorized.

The idea of ​​Minimalist Decoration and Modern roller shades refers us to one of the decorative styles that are the avant-garde trend for home interiors. The dominant premise of this style is simplicity. Any “excess” is avoided and each element of the decoration is then selected with great care. Design the spaces, organize the environments. Prioritize elegance, luminosity, sobriety. Those are then the watchwords of minimalist decoration. The key: “less, more.”

Therefore, there are no details in the minimalist decoration that escape the decorator’s eye. And it is in this instance, then, where the synergy of Minimalist Decoration and Modern roller shades shines.

Modern roller shades and Minimalist Decoration

When it happens that the slogan is a minimal occupation of space, light colors, and straight lines, the economy of furniture, few ornaments and a lot of light, the choice that stands out is Roller Sunscreen Blinds in White-White or White Linen line, with an opening factor of more than ten percent, although this may vary depending on the view we have. It is not the same then, an apartment in the downtown area than a chalet in a heavily wooded area.

The minimalist style is nourished by the right combination of floors, bright walls, an abundance of natural and artificial light. The trend is to give supremacy to space over materials. And there is therefore no type of Curtain more suitable for this style than Modern roller shades. Because of the little space that its mechanisms occupy, because of its adaptability, because of the softness of the tones, and because of the light management. In an environment where everything is part of everything and is visibly linked to everything, the Blinds are undoubtedly the protagonists.


The color palette of minimalism is close to monochromatic, with the accent then placed on the range of whites, where Modern roller shades shine in all their splendor



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