6 tips for choosing high quality blackout curtains

There are hundreds of blackout curtains on the market. Do you know how to choose modern blackout curtains? Today we are going to tell you 6 shading curtain purchase skills, including field collocation, curtain fabric material selection, so that you can easily choose affordable and durable shading curtain

1.Place of application

The most important first step is to identify suitable venues. If it is the living room, dining room, study and other places at home, it is recommended to choose micro-shading or semi-shading curtains, libraries and coffee shops, very suitable for the sun curtain; If it is a bedroom and if there is a west sun or east sun room is suitable for blackout curtains; As for bathrooms, you can choose airy, waterproof materials.

modern blackout curtains

The right thing to do is to cover not only the top and bottom, but also the left and the right. A whole wall with Windows, curtains, it’s a lot more grand. 

modern blackout curtains


In addition to the shading curtain material, the color of the fabric should also be selected, the best way is to match the field to do color matching. 

For example, the living room and study are more suitable for warm colors, which can establish a warm and warm environment; Room bedroom can choose to help sleep color curtains.

modern blackout curtains

3.Shading ratio

After choosing the place, material and color, the next most important thing is the shading rate. Blackout curtains don’t have just one blackout rate, but rather four levels:

modern blackout curtains
modern blackout curtains

4.Shading, privacy or sound insulation

Blackout curtains not only have the function of shading light, but also can protect indoor privacy, and even some curtains with thicker fabric can also prevent outdoor noise. So how to choose blackout curtains, completely depends on the use of personal or space habits.

modern blackout curtains

5.The size of the blackout curtain

Blackout curtains also vary in size, and the way to determine the size of the curtain is determined by the size of the window and the degree of shading. If you want the room to be darker with the curtains drawn, you can make the length slightly longer. 

If you want to keep the interior space free of light interference, the length can be longer, or even the whole wall can be filled, and the half-way Windows can be made into floor-to-ceiling Windows. But remember, whether it’s long or short, you still have to think about the Windows and the overall design.

modern blackout curtains

6.The way the shading curtain track is designed

General folding curtain fabric and screen curtain track design, the top will have 1cm gap light leakage, if you are doing snake curtain, then the top will have 3~4cm light leakage situation, so when our new home is woodworking decoration must do curtain box to avoid light leakage, but if you do rolling curtain, dimming curtain, organ curtain, wooden louver

modern blackout curtains

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