This is how you measure your new window decoration!

Have you found what you are looking for and do you want to start measuring? We will help you to make measuring easier! The step-by-step plan for measuring your new window decoration.

You can use these tips for measuring the following products:

Wooden Blinds

PVC blinds

Roman blinds

Vertical Blinds

Duo roller blinds

Duo pleated blinds

Aluminum Blinds

Panel Curtains

Privacy Blinds

measure your new window decoration

First decide whether you want to measure your new window decoration inside or outside two points. If you want to place the product between two points, such as 2 walls or within a frame, we see this as in the frame.

There is also an option on the window frame if you want to replace your existing window trim with a new one. Because we use two different measurement options, you also measure them differently. First, we explain how to measure window treatments for the measurement options in the frame. Then we explain how to measure outside the frame. Pay close attention to whether the window treatments you are installing have sufficient depth.

measure your new window decoration

How do I measure my window decoration in the frame?

  • 1. Use a metal tape measure to measure. This way you measure your windows as accurately as possible and prevent you from specifying the wrong size.


    2. Measure the inside of your window frame in 3 places. Use the top, middle and bottom for this. Please let us know the smallest size.


    3. Do not take deductions into account yourself. We make sure that your window decoration fits perfectly!

How do I measure my window decoration on the frame?

  • Also use a metal tape measure for measuring on the frame to measure your size as accurately as possible.


    Measure the full width and height where you want the window decoration. You can add 10 cm to the width yourself. You can also add 7 cm to the length. This ensures that the light leakage is minimal.

measure your new window decoration

If you want to replace an existing product and receive this exact size, simply measure the width and height of the product.


Note: always measure including the fittings. We will deliver the same size.


measure your new window decoration
  • Are you done measuring? Pass on the sizes and leave the rest to us!


  • Top-Tip: Take a look at our installation guide, so that you are completely ready when your window decoration arrives.

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