Matching curtains, or not?

We live in a time of rupture with many established standards in decoration. What had always been thought to be in a specific way and no one had even considered changing, so, Matching curtains or not is now being questioned.

The set curtains were not going to be an exception and there are already many houses in which tradition is broken and coordinated ones are rejected. Of course, in some rooms more than in others.

Matching curtains in the room

Matching curtains
matching curtains

In the rooms, Matching curtains to the duvet was very common until a few years ago. So much so that it seemed that the room would not be complete without that set. But with the arrival of the Nordic everything has changed.

Now, people have seen how comfortable a duvet is for the bed and how well a duvet cover is done. The price of these is also low, so it can be varied and you can have several models to change them to suit each person.

With this new way of making the bed, it no longer makes sense to coordinate matching curtains with the duvet or with the duvet cover, thus forcing us to buy all the identical covers. Now, people want more freedom and to be able to vary as they please, which has caused many pre-established schemes to be broken.

Fashionable curtains in the living room

Matching curtains

Matching Fashionable Curtains in the living room

In the living room, the star coordinated is the sofa and the curtains, which usually go together. This is not always the case, they can also match the walls or the carpet and let the sofa be the one that breaks the image a bit by making a bit of contrast.

Today, although there is more freedom in the choice of curtains, it is still essential that they are in conjunction with the general decoration of the room. Here the logic is much greater since there will not be the same variety as in a bedroom.

We didn’t often change the sofa or the rugs and by going in the same shades as the curtain, the room has a certain uniformity and everything is perfectly integrated.

Even when night and day roller blinds for the living room have become fashionable, they have sought to match them and that is why there are more and more shades on the market so that in each home you can find the one that best fits.

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