Inventory Systems of home depot blinds, fabric roller blind, zebra fabric.

At UNITEC, As a leading manufacturer and supplier of window blinds fabrics, roller blind fabric, fabric roller blinds, screen fabrics, home depot blinds, and zebra fabric. We having the best supply chain management, inventory management in the window blinds industry. so this ensures that customers receive the right products at the right time and at the desired location.

The normal delivery time is 25-28 days and the delivery time of inventory is only 3 days!

Accelerating the supplies turnover and reducing the stock cost are very important in the enterprise stock management, So we can also stock up for the clients for three months if the order quantity is up to standard.

And you can decide any color need to be stocked and delivered,  so please contact us to try our custom-made inventory services. And then your company will no longer have the problems of delays in delivery.

Below is the inventory of base fabric roller blinds:


home depot blinds   home depot blinds

Below is the inventory of home depot blinds, roller blinds fabric, zebra fabric, fabric zebra:

home depot blinds

home depot blinds

home depot blinds

In order to deliver the goods to all clients in the shortest possible time, we always holding the inventory of base fabric roller blinds and finished roller blind fabric, home depot blinds, fabric zebra, screen fabrics, and zebra fabric.

Please visit our fabric collection and contact us for the stock list.


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