Luxurious curtains for a classic interior

Do you want to turn your house into a real palace? With chic interiors, you’re sure to feel like a king in your own home! Who wouldn’t want this? In this blog we give you tips for creating such classic interiors. Of course, luxurious curtains are also not to be missed!

Classical tracery

Each upholstery is complemented with suitable curtains. Window decorations are an essential part, especially in classic interiors. To ensure your luxury home decor is flawless, we have compiled a list of the best luxury window treatments for you. From chic drapes to luxurious roller shades!

luxurious curtains

1. Luxurious curtains

The most classic form of window decoration is of course curtains. Therefore, it is the most obvious choice for classic home furnishings. Classic drapes are made from luxurious drapery fabrics. One of the most classic curtain fabrics is velvet. Ocher or burgundy look great in chic interiors. Prefer neutral colors? Then taupe also looks great in luxurious interiors. Velvet curtains provide a lot of blackout. Do you want privacy during the day without losing too much light? Then combine classic drapes with classic lace drapes. During the day, you close the mesh drapes while using embroidery to draw the drapes to the sides. Are you struggling to create a country-chic interior? Then you can also opt for luxurious center curtains with a linen look. Linen is perfect for country-style interiors.

luxurious curtains

The icing on the cake for classic drapes is ties. These straps can be used to attach the curtain to the wall with hooks. Usually these straps are made of the same fabric as the drapes. For ultra-chic curtains, choose embroidery with fringe. You can find brooches like this at specialist classic lifestyle stores. We recommend three types of pleats for velvet curtains: single, double or wave. Single and wave pleats give your drapes a stylish look. Double pleats are the best choice for classic chic interiors. This ensures a rich look.

luxurious curtains

2. Luxurious Roman Shades

  • Roman shade decorations date back to ancient Roman times. It doesn’t get more classic than this! Roman shutters without ribs are the most beautiful in classic interiors. Ribbed Roman blinds look tighter. Our roman shades are made from the same fabric as the drapes. Also velvet and linen. Of course, you can just choose Roman blinds. But do you want an extra luxurious effect? Then combine them with curtains. Not only is this super chic, but it’s also very functional. For example, choose sheer Roman blinds and heavy drapes.

3. Roller blinds

  • Do you want a modern and classic interior? Roller blinds are a great option. There are many kinds of fabrics for roller blinds. At the same time, the fabric material provides warm properties. For country-style interiors, it is better to opt for Duo roller blinds. Double layer fabric provides extra richness and volume. Also, the trapped air between the two layers of fabric acts as an insulation. It can block cold air in winter and warm air in summer.

Free color samples

Would you like to see the colors in real life first? Or are you curious how the fabric feels? We understand this. That’s why we offer free color samples! You can easily and quickly order these products online. In most cases, samples are shipped the same day.

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